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The Spill: Morales Runs

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By:  |  November 16, 2019  |    454 Words

Evo Morales (Photo by Jose Luis Quintana/LatinContent via Getty Images)

Bolivia’s Citizens Remove Socialist President

Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, recently resigned and moved to Mexico. His resignation signals the end of his 15-year socialist reign over the country. Some say the former president rigged the election in his favor. Others argued that he won the most votes.

After Bolivia’s election was held, protesters demanded that Morales give up power. The Organization of American States – a group of countries on the American continent – found evidence of some electoral problems.

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Artist Paints Huge Mural of Greta Thunberg

The Swedish teen climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has made quite a name for herself as she tries to promote the idea of climate change around the world. Recently, she was honored with a mural of her image in San Francisco, California. The huge painting was placed on a building and has proven controversial – while some people admire Greta’s activism, she has just as many critics.

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Ancient Human Species Discovered

A new species of ancient human has been found, exciting paleontologists and scientists, and changing perceptions on human evolution. The researchers found 13 bones that date back to about 67,000 years ago. The bones come from at least three separate individuals and were discovered in the sediment of a cave. They have been labeled a new species of human: Homo luzonensis.

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Football Fairness: Can a Team Play Too Well?

A high school football coach in Nassau County, New York, was suspended for one game for allowing his team to score more than 42 points over a rival undefeated team. Ron Shaver, coach of the Plainedge High Red Devils, is accused of violating a sportsmanship rule designed to prevent dominant football teams from embarrassing less successful programs.

The Red Devils were playing the South Side High School Cyclones – another dominant team that had nearly completed the season undefeated. According to Nassau’s “Section 8 Lopsided Score Committee,” you can win – but not by more than 42 points.

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Veteran’s Day: A Day to Honor Those Who Served

Veteran’s Day is the day we honor and celebrate our heroes, the military men and women who put their lives on the line to protect Americans and our way of life. The observance of this day began a long time ago, after World War I.

By November 1918, both the Central Powers and the Allies had been battling for four years and were exhausted. The British, French, and U.S. forces had been pushing back the Germans. Americans were able to send in fresh troops, so Germany was outmatched and started to crumble. The outcome of the war seemed clear.

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