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LNGenZ News for Kids: Social Studies

Marion Robert Goff: A Soldier’s Tale on D-Day

Mona Goff was the younger sister of the only hero she had ever known: her brother. Marion Robert Goff was… Read More

Memorial Day: A Time of Honor and Respect

Memorial Day is a day for Americans to honor and offer respect to the military men and women who gave… Read More

Will Celebrity Endorsements Impact the 2024 Election?

Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, has decided to take it on the road for the first time –… Read More

Esports – the Sport of Competitive Gaming

Video games have been around for decades. While the 1970s Pong is believed to be the first-ever video game, the… Read More

American Higher Education Struggles to Remain Competitive

It’s an old idea that never grabbed traction, but instead of mounting student debt, falling enrollments, and increased dropout rates,… Read More

Famous Mothers of History

Anna Jarvis began celebrations for mothers over a century ago, in 1908. Now, the second Sunday in May is carved… Read More

Cinco de Mayo: Celebrating Mexico’s Victory in Puebla

Today is Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May – a holiday of Mexican origin. In the United States… Read More

How Social Media Is Hazardous to Generation Z – and Beyond

“Our children are going on a conveyor belt,” social psychologist Jonathan Haidt recently said. “And a lot of them are… Read More

In the Aftermath of COVID, Were School Closures Worth It?

It has been four years since the COVID panic that disrupted so many lives. People lost jobs, businesses, and homes…. Read More

Survey Says: It’s Time to Leave New York

Things are tough all over in New York, and a recent citizens survey describes just how dissatisfied residents are with… Read More

Good Friday: Christ Carried Sin to the Grave – And Left It There

For Christians, Good Friday is one of the most important holidays of the year because it represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice… Read More

St. Patrick: Bringing Christianity to Ireland

The most famous legend of St. Patrick says that he banished all the snakes from Ireland. According to the story,… Read More