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Proof of the Hanukkah Story Found?

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah happens annually around the beginning of December, though the dates change each year. Just in… Read More

Dads on Duty Help Out at Louisiana High School

A groups of dads is helping out at a Southwood High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. The school struggled with student fights… Read More

The Evolution of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family. While eating that extra piece of pumpkin pie may be… Read More

The Price of Thanksgiving Goes Up in 2021

Over the last decade, the prices of Thanksgiving feasts have gone down each year. That is changing this year, with… Read More

The Political Roots of Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims and Native Americans did not invent Thanksgiving, but they embraced the concept and made it their own. Harvest… Read More

Turkey for Thanksgiving – But Why?

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and with that knowledge comes thoughts of big family dinners with a golden turkey as the centerpiece…. Read More

Veterans Day: A Day to Honor Those Who Served

Veterans Day is the day we honor and celebrate our heroes, the military men and women who put their lives… Read More

Columbus Wasn’t First European to Travel to America

Christopher Columbus is celebrated for being the first European to find the Americas. It was thought his voyages led Europeans… Read More

The Story Behind Halloween

Halloween wasn’t always the fun, carefree event it is today. The holiday originated with the Celtic people, who lived in… Read More

How Popular is Halloween?

Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Trick-or-treating, ghostly hayrides, and haunted houses are just some of the fun ways… Read More

Halloween Around the World: It Isn’t Just Costumes and Candy

When you think of Halloween, you probably imagine spooky costumes, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating. While these are typical American… Read More

Is the White House Haunted?

“My dear Clara, it seems that the White House is haunted.” These words were written by Major Archie Butt to… Read More