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Biden Suspends Approvals for Natural Gas Exports

On January 26, the White House announced there would be no more liquified natural gas (LNG) exports to Asia and… Read More

AI Masks for Cows to Combat Climate Change

From frankenfoods to toilets that turn waste into ash, climate change enthusiasts search for solutions to stop the world from… Read More

Australian Wildfires: It Isn’t About Climate Change

As fires have ravaged large parts of the Australian wilderness, many have blamed manmade climate change. But while people are… Read More

The Spill: Heist… Again!?

Articles of Impeachment Called Against President Trump Over the last several weeks, the House of Representatives has been investigating whether… Read More

The Spill: Morales Runs

Bolivia’s Citizens Remove Socialist President Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, recently resigned and moved to Mexico. His resignation signals the end… Read More

Artist Paints Huge Mural of Greta Thunberg

The Swedish teen climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has made quite a name for herself as she tries to promote the… Read More

The Spill: From Many, One

Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. GM Employees on Strike Employees at the… Read More

Climate Change Action: School Walkouts and UN Summits

Climate change is a divisive issue. Many believe manmade climate change will be the end of us all while others… Read More

Climate Change: What’s the Real Deal?

You may have heard that humans are destroying the planet by using fossil fuels that release a gas called carbon… Read More

Amazon Fires: New Crisis or Old News?

According to recent reports, 9,000 fires are raging in the Amazon rainforest. Many people have described the situation as a… Read More

Eating Bugs to Save the Planet?

How much meat do you eat? Many Americans eat meat every day, but this common food could soon be replaced… Read More