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LNGenZ News for Kids: Science

Stella Terra: The First Off-Road Solar-Powered Car

It is 2023, and technology is taking the world by storm. It is truly amazing what technology and the human… Read More

Study Shows ‘Apocalyptic Dust’ Might Have Killed the Dinosaurs

You may have people blame a massive asteroid for killing off all the dinosaurs millions of years ago – but… Read More

Peanut: The Pet Chicken With a World Record

When you think of a pet, what are the first things that come to mind – something like dogs, cats,… Read More

A Strange Golden Orb Found on the Ocean Floor Is Alive!

Scientists have discovered a strange, golden orb on the ocean floor that turns out to be alive. It may not… Read More

Is There Too Much Technology in Education?

The use of technology in schools has increased over the years, and now, very little is done without it. Chalkboards… Read More

Transplant of Pig Kidney Into a Human Successful So Far

Doctors and scientists have worked diligently over the years to find ways to transplant animal organs into humans. However, the… Read More

Professor Lives Underwater for 100 Days

How long can you hold your breath underwater? Twenty seconds? Thirty? Thankfully Dr. Deep Sea, the man that lived underwater… Read More

The Comeback of the Nearly Extinct Earless Lizard

Scientists in Victoria, Australia, have discovered a small group of tiny reptiles long thought extinct. The earless lizard, which hasn’t… Read More

Satellite Spots Earth’s Second Moon?

A telescope mounted atop a dormant Hawaiian volcano spotted a never-before-seen object in the sky. In March 2023, scientists discovered… Read More

Retired Engineer Discovers ‘Einstein’ Shape

Mathematicians have tried for nearly five decades to design a shape that would never repeat a pattern, no matter how… Read More

Scientists Plan to Bring the Dodo Bird Back from Extinction

The dodo bird is believed to have become extinct sometime in the 17th century, though some believe the bird never… Read More

Would an EpiPen Work in Space?

A group of Canadian students wondered if an EpiPen would work in space. They had been studying them, and knew… Read More