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LNGenZ News for Kids: Science

First-Ever Picture of the Milky Way’s Black Hole

Scientists have recently released a long-awaited picture of the black hole in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The name of… Read More

Scientists Record Never-Before-Heard Whale Call

The oceans and the life within it have captivated scientists for many years. There is so much to explore and… Read More

Is Language Getting More Emotional?

When you think about the world around you, what is more important – facts or feelings? Do you listen more… Read More

Six Endangered Red Wolf Pups Born in Wildlife Refuge

The red wolf (Canis rufus) is an endangered species, making the birth of six healthy pups very exciting news! The… Read More

COVID Plastic Waste: A Big Problem for Oceans

The COVID-19 pandemic may have caused problems for human health globally – but research shows it has led to issues… Read More

Sniffing Out the Truth About Smells

Pleasant smells like food cooking in the kitchen and scented candles burning in your home will capture a person’s attention…. Read More

Charles Darwin’s Notebooks Mysteriously Returned after 20 Years

When you check out a book from the library and don’t return it on time, you can expect to pay… Read More

The Rise of Deepfakes

Have you seen a photo or watched a video online that you weren’t totally sure was real? Your doubts will… Read More

The Power of Playtime

What is your favorite part of the school day? Many would likely answer recess or gym class. But why? For… Read More

Antarctic Explorer’s Ship Found After a Century

Shipwrecks and sunken treasure – the stuff dreams are made of. The quest to find a ship that was lost… Read More

A Lot Is Happening On and Around the Moon

The Moon, with a diameter of roughly 2,160 miles, is the Earth’s only natural satellite. For years, scientists have studied… Read More

Bat Falcon Spotted in United States for the First Time

A small bird of prey, typically found in Central and South America, has been spotted in the deep south of… Read More