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LNGenZ News for Kids: Science

La Niña Weather Patterns May Affect the US This Winter

Climate patterns have a big effect on our local weather. If your state is experiencing droughts or floods, or the… Read More

Teen Scientist’s Invention Mixes Music with Mental Health

Does playing your favorite music affect your mood? The benefits of music on the mind have been researched for a… Read More

AI Finishes Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony

Many classical music composers over history had pieces of music that were left unfinished. Beethoven is among those who had… Read More

First Movie Filmed in Space Successful

If you’re a science fiction fan, then the idea of being able to go into space is probably thrilling. Recently,… Read More

Biblical City of Sodom Found in the Jordan Valley?

A new study shows that the city of Tall el-Hammam, in the Jordan Valley, was destroyed by a cosmic event… Read More

Nobel Prize Winners Announced

The Nobel Prize is given out annually to those who “have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind” during the previous… Read More

A New Footprint Find – The Earliest Americans?

Scientists, researchers, and many more have wondered who were the first people to arrive in America? It appears a 2009… Read More

Eruptions at La Palma and Kilauea Volcanoes

Volcanoes are some of nature’s most dramatic landmarks. Recently, volcanic eruptions have been gaining attention on islands around the world…. Read More

Metric Vs. Imperial: A Weighty Debate in Britain

Politics can influence so many areas of life – even things you might not expect, like weights and measures. In… Read More

SpaceX Completes First Civilian Trip to Space

The first private “amateur astronaut” team to launch into space and orbit Earth has successfully completed its trip. The Inspiration4… Read More

Dogs Can Tell When Humans Make a Mistake, Says Study

Dogs have always been a human’s best friend: they are loyal, playful, can whiff out explosives, and help find missing… Read More

Leaded Gas Eradicated from the World, Says United Nations

The United Nations announced that the world has said goodbye to leaded gasoline – or petrol, as it’s called in… Read More