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Articles by GenZ Staff

More Americans Want to Leave the Country

Life in the US has changed a lot in the last 50 years, and it seems for many, the American… Read More

A Visit From the FBI Over Your Social Media Post? It Could Happen

It’s a safe bet that most, if not all, FBI agents – if they knew they could speak freely without… Read More

In the Aftermath of COVID, Were School Closures Worth It?

It has been four years since the COVID panic that disrupted so many lives. People lost jobs, businesses, and homes…. Read More

Election 2024: AI, Deepfakes, and Scams

Russia and China have long been accused of being behind mass attempts at election interference. This year, however, there’s another… Read More

Survey Says: It’s Time to Leave New York

Things are tough all over in New York, and a recent citizens survey describes just how dissatisfied residents are with… Read More

Democracy and the Changing Tides of Popular Opinion

The Pew Research Center carried out a global survey of the views on democracy around the world. While this type… Read More

Trump Turmoil: Hits and Misses in the Legal Arena

After a long day in court Thursday, March 14, Donald Trump got some bad news. Judge Aileen Cannon denied one… Read More

Cows on Trial in New York

New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed suit against the world’s largest beef producer, JBS USA Food Company, claiming… Read More

NATO Membership the Goal for Countries Fearing Putin’s Grasp

Hungary has agreed to Sweden joining NATO. But what about other former nations of the old Soviet Union? Ukraine has… Read More

US Soldiers and the New War on Weight

US military members are making physical fitness and weight loss more of a priority in 2024, according to a new… Read More

AI Can’t Compete With People Skills

Once upon a time, a college education was the ticket to getting a great job with good benefits – but… Read More

St. Patrick: Bringing Christianity to Ireland

The most famous legend of St. Patrick says that he banished all the snakes from Ireland. According to the story,… Read More