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Bolivia’s Citizens Remove Socialist President

Evo Morales has resigned in the face of protests.

By:  |  November 15, 2019  |    292 Words

Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, recently resigned and moved to Mexico. His resignation signals the end of his 15-year socialist reign over the country. Some say the former president rigged the election in his favor. Others argued that he won the most votes.

Military Abandons the President

After Bolivia’s election was held, protesters demanded that Morales give up power. The Organization of American States – a group of countries on the American continent – found evidence of some electoral problems.

Last weekend, Morales wrote a letter stating that he would cease being the president of Bolivia. The protests against his presidency became more heated, and the military and police force stopped putting down the uprising, choosing to join with the opposition. The president’s guards refused to protect him. For this reason, Morales chose to travel to Mexico.

Bolivia’s Human Rights Record

Evo Morales

Under President Morales, citizens were subject to several atrocities. In its 2018 report, Human Rights Watch revealed “Threats to judicial independence, violence against women, and child labor are other major concerns.” Bolivia held most of its inmates in prison without convicting them of a crime.

Under Morales, people defending human rights were harassed by the government and others.  The government also passed laws allowing officials to interfere with the activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work to assist the public. This meant the state could hinder an organization that feeds the hungry or advocates for the rights of citizens.

Overthrowing a Government

While some defended Morales’ tenure as president, others in the country think his government did not treat its people well.  It’s not yet clear who will replace Morales, but it seems the country is headed for some changes.


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