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Marion Robert Goff: A Soldier’s Tale on D-Day

Marion Robert Goff: A Soldier’s Tale on D-Day

Mona Goff was the younger sister of the only hero she had ever known: her brother. Marion Robert Goff was a young man who put on a military uniform in 1943 to go and fight in World War II. He was on the front lines on D-Day, the day that marked the beginning of the...

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GettyImages-2154804802 Donald Trump

Examining the Trump Guilty Verdict

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 charges of falsifying business records in the first degree on… Read More

GettyImages-1280359455 census

The Census – Where Citizens and Illegal Aliens Collide

House Republicans have pushed a bill through that aims to add a citizenship question to the next census in 2030…. Read More

GettyImages-2151138949 Joe Biden - tariffs

Biden Sharply Raises Tariffs on Chinese EVs, Steel

President Joe Biden is following in his predecessor’s footsteps. On May 14, the White House announced that the US government… Read More

GettyImages-1177460097 mail

Mail Theft and Crimes Against Postal Workers Rising

Since 2020, there has been a major spike in mail crimes. From thefts to assaults on mail carriers, this pervasive… Read More

GettyImages-2151765524 fast food

Fast Food Stocks Indicate Consumers Are Tapped Out

The debate over whether stocks mirror the US economy has persisted for years. Politicians of both stripes tout the equities… Read More


Memorial Day: A Time of Honor and Respect

Memorial Day is a day for Americans to honor and offer respect to the military men and women who gave… Read More

GettyImages-2153497260 California graduation

College Grads Leaving California for Greener – and Cheaper – Pastures

You’ve just graduated college, what are you going to do next? Move out of California seems to be the common… Read More

GettyImages-633868908 Taylor Swift - celebrity

Will Celebrity Endorsements Impact the 2024 Election?

Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, has decided to take it on the road for the first time –… Read More

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