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English Translations on French ID Cards? Some say ‘Non!’

English Translations on French ID Cards? Some say ‘Non!’

“Because of language, man has access to the past and the future. He can express the true and the untrue. Language helps him understand both what is and what could be.” – Wesley Douglass Camp Language is a key part of culture and how people communicate and discover new...

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GettyImages-517387738 MLK

‘I Have a Dream’ – Full Text of Martin Luther King’s Speech

I Have a Dream ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 28 August, 1963 I am happy to join with you today… Read More

Blowing nose -- Pixabay

Omicron: Did COVID Catch the Common Cold?

At the end of 2021, a new version of COVID appeared, and it has quickly become the most common strain… Read More

GettyImages-1237715368 Supreme Court

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Business Vaccine Mandate

As part of his plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, President Joe Biden last year ordered some rules on vaccination… Read More

GettyImages-515119132 Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon: The Only President to Ever Resign

The 37th president of the United States is the only commander-in-chief to resign while in office. Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994)… Read More

GettyImages-636132296 Atomic Bomb exploding over Nagasaki in 1945

Five Countries Agree: Nuclear War Must Be Avoided

What can you think of that is about the size of a minivan? While you may be able to come… Read More

GettyImages-1236879125 Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter’s American Dream Come True

When you make millions of dollars playing a game you love, and have legions of adoring fans, what could possibly… Read More

uighur protest GettyImages-1237532480

U.S. Bans Products Linked to Uighur Slavery

The United States recently made it illegal to buy Chinese products that could be connected to slavery. China has been accused… Read More

time capsule GettyImages-587967792

Time Capsules Found in Base of Robert E. Lee Statue

A time capsule is an interesting item that lets people from the past speak to those in the future. Anything… Read More

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