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First Movie Filmed in Space Successful

First Movie Filmed in Space Successful

If you’re a science fiction fan, then the idea of being able to go into space is probably thrilling. Recently, Star Trek’s William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on the original 1960s television series, became the oldest person, at 90, to travel to the final...

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California Oil Spill Investigations

California Oil Spill Investigations

A pipeline off the coast of California leaked over 25,000 gallons of crude oil into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The accident is affecting fishing, marine life, and beach and sporting activities. The leak is still being investigated due to fears of an...

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GettyImages-1289296350 shopping

The Supply Chain Crisis – What Is It?

Got beef? Where’s the toilet paper? How can a problem in Vietnam impact a store in Biloxi, Mississippi? Since the… Read More

GettyImages-516222882 Michigan water

Michigan Governor Vows to Fix Lead-Infected Water Supply

Michigan officials have told people living in Benton Harbor not to use tap water after a high level of lead… Read More


Biblical City of Sodom Found in the Jordan Valley?

A new study shows that the city of Tall el-Hammam, in the Jordan Valley, was destroyed by a cosmic event… Read More

GettyImages-1235730743 Benjamin List

Nobel Prize Winners Announced

The Nobel Prize is given out annually to those who “have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind” during the previous… Read More

christopher columbus GettyImages-164080292

The Political Origins of Columbus Day

Columbus Day celebrates an Italian explorer. Spain sent him to find a better trading route, but he was credited with… Read More

Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Columbus Day is celebrated each year on the second Monday in October. It is in honor of Christopher Columbus, the… Read More

christopher columbus GettyImages-599969077

Christopher Columbus: He Searched for India but Found America

Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492, but it was all by chance – a mistake. The explorer had… Read More

GettyImages-1234721765 back to school

COVID and School – Rules Vary Across the Nation

The start of a new school year is a lot more complicated since the COVID pandemic spread across the world…. Read More

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