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Scientists Give Mice Deer Antlers Using Stem Cell

Scientists Give Mice Deer Antlers Using Stem Cell

A mouse with deer antlers? Who would have thought it possible? But science is a wonderous thing, and stem cell research is creating all kinds of possibilities. Although controversial, this type of technology is being used to study how diseases react with the human...

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Jurassic Era Insect Found at Arizona Walmart

Jurassic Era Insect Found at Arizona Walmart

In 2012, the director of the Insect Identification Lab at Penn State University, Michael Skvarla, spotted a giant insect on the wall of a local Walmart store. The bug’s appearance was so mysterious that he scooped it off the building, toted it through the store, and...

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ireland snake

St. Patrick: Bringing Christianity to Ireland

The most famous legend of St. Patrick says that he banished all the snakes from Ireland. According to the story,… Read More

st patricks GettyImages-1231779111

St. Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of the Irish

When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we imagine wearing green, leprechauns looking for their pot of gold at the… Read More

GettyImages-1247881763 ChatGPT

School and ChatGPT – Is it Cheating?

Will robots take over the world soon? That might be going a bit far, but artificial intelligence (AI) is making… Read More

GettyImages-1230047579 ancient galaxies

The James Webb Telescope Finds Six Ancient Galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope (also known as JWST or Webb) is the largest in the world. Launched on Christmas… Read More

GettyImages-102724719 Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter and Venus Appear to ‘Kiss’

In an event called a “conjunction,” Jupiter and Venus pass close enough to each other in space that, when viewing… Read More

GettyImages-1246788286 (1) balloons

Four Balloons Shot Down After Found Floating in American Airspace

Throughout February, four balloons were discovered floating over the United States. Government officials are reportedly still perplexed about what precisely… Read More

st valentine GettyImages-695888681

Who Was St. Valentine?

It’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday to celebrate romance and love. It’s a time to give out chocolates and poetic cards… Read More


Love Poems for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, LNGenZ presents a selection of love poems for you to enjoy. Why not read them to a… Read More

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