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Biden Signs 10-Year Support Pact with Ukraine

Biden Signs 10-Year Support Pact with Ukraine

President Joe Biden signed a ten-year defense pact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, an agreement intended to show America’s enduring commitment to the beleaguered country. Both leaders extolled the virtues of the agreement as a statement of intentions to...

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Independence Day: The History You Might Not Know

In April 1775,  colonial militiamen and British troops fought in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, starting the American Revolution. Citizens of… Read More

GettyImages-2159334911 social media

Surgeon General’s Warning for Social Media

Is social media adding to mental health issues among the young? Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy seems to think so…. Read More

GettyImages-2159248057 presid

The Risks and Rewards of the Presidential Debate

On June 27, two presidents – one former and one current – will be stage-managed by CNN producers to create… Read More

GettyImages-2157618463 graduation

The Traditional Graduation

Each year, a group of students attends a graduation ceremony upon completing high school or college. Everything from the clothing,… Read More

GettyImages-1218981019 equal rights

New York Equal Rights Amendment Off the Ballot

The Equal Rights Amendment has been removed as a ballot initiative for the November elections in New York. The proposed… Read More

GettyImages-2155456008 Trump

Trump Verdict FAQ: Navigating the Post-Conviction Confusion

For the first time in American history, a former president – who also happens to be a current candidate –… Read More

Normandy Landing (Photo by Universal History ArchiveUniversal Images Group via Getty Images)

Marion Robert Goff: A Soldier’s Tale on D-Day

Mona Goff was the younger sister of the only hero she had ever known: her brother. Marion Robert Goff was… Read More

GettyImages-2006246180 crime

The Good News and the Bad News in Violent Crime Statistics

The go-to source for violent crime statistics – the FBI – does not have complete and precise data for every… Read More

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