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Fast Food Stocks Indicate Consumers Are Tapped Out

Fast Food Stocks Indicate Consumers Are Tapped Out

The debate over whether stocks mirror the US economy has persisted for years. Politicians of both stripes tout the equities arena when there is a stampede of bulls and argue that it confirms their sound economic policies. But is Wall Street a mirror of the broader...

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Memorial Day: A Time of Honor and Respect

Memorial Day: A Time of Honor and Respect

Memorial Day is a day for Americans to honor and offer respect to the military men and women who gave their lives to protect their country, its people, and our liberties. It is a somber day that reminds us our constitutional rights come at a high price and should...

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GettyImages-2153497260 California graduation

College Grads Leaving California for Greener – and Cheaper – Pastures

You’ve just graduated college, what are you going to do next? Move out of California seems to be the common… Read More

GettyImages-633868908 Taylor Swift - celebrity

Will Celebrity Endorsements Impact the 2024 Election?

Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, has decided to take it on the road for the first time –… Read More

GettyImages-1747573243 gaming

Esports – the Sport of Competitive Gaming

Video games have been around for decades. While the 1970s Pong is believed to be the first-ever video game, the… Read More

GettyImages-2152138622 police

Police Forces Finally See a Post-Floyd Rebound

A recent survey shows police departments hired more new officers in 2023 than in the previous four years. This news… Read More

GettyImages-1281738395 debates

The Presidential Debates Are On

It’s election season 2024, but this year, presidential debates were never a sure thing. It would have come as no… Read More

GettyImages-2074403084 (1) independent - voting booth

Independent Voters and the 2024 Election

More people appear to be getting sick of the two-party system that seems to force them to pick one of… Read More

GettyImages-1034967834 (2) education

American Higher Education Struggles to Remain Competitive

It’s an old idea that never grabbed traction, but instead of mounting student debt, falling enrollments, and increased dropout rates,… Read More

GettyImages-1784559220 citizens

California Naturalizes About 155,000 New Citizens

California just added 154,900 new naturalized citizens in fiscal year 2023, which means a lot more voters for the Golden… Read More

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