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Scientists Say Household Chores Help Kids’ Brains

Scientists Say Household Chores Help Kids’ Brains

“Chore” may be the most dreaded word in a child’s home. Not many enjoy doing the dishes or running the vacuum, but maybe you would feel better about the work if you knew the benefits. A recent study found that kids who regularly help around the house show...

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This Week in History: June 26 – July 2

“History is a vast early warning system.” ~ Norman Cousins July 1, 1863: The Battle of Gettysburg On this day, the… Read More


New York Court Says: An Elephant is Not a Human

Happy is an elephant currently living in the Bronx Zoo – her home of 45 years. The Asian-born pachyderm has… Read More


Weekly Snapshot: Investigating UAPs

Welcome to LNGenZ’s round up of the week’s top news stories. NASA Will Study UFOs for the First Time NASA… Read More

GettyImages-1240132617 Mayflower II

A New Mayflower Voyage, Captained by AI Technology

It was September 16, 1620, when the Mayflower set sail from England. Destination: the new world. The new colonies, to… Read More

GettyImages-1321787115 finance class

Finance Classes at School – A New Trend?

How much do young people need to know about money? When kids grow up they need to deal with finances,… Read More

president family

Presidential Fathers: Responsible for Their Kids and the Country

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dads and to thank them for all that they have given their children…. Read More

GettyImages-1324454917 Juneteenth

This Week in History: June 19-25

“The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and… Read More

UFOs - Pixabay

NASA Will Study UFOs for the First Time

UFOs have fascinated humans for decades – or even longer – but only recently has the US government started to… Read More

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