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New York Equal Rights Amendment Off the Ballot

The Equal Rights Amendment has been removed as a ballot initiative for the November elections in New York. The proposed… Read More

Trump Verdict FAQ: Navigating the Post-Conviction Confusion

For the first time in American history, a former president – who also happens to be a current candidate –… Read More

The Good News and the Bad News in Violent Crime Statistics

The go-to source for violent crime statistics – the FBI – does not have complete and precise data for every… Read More

Examining the Trump Guilty Verdict

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 charges of falsifying business records in the first degree on… Read More

Biden Sharply Raises Tariffs on Chinese EVs, Steel

President Joe Biden is following in his predecessor’s footsteps. On May 14, the White House announced that the US government… Read More

Mail Theft and Crimes Against Postal Workers Rising

Since 2020, there has been a major spike in mail crimes. From thefts to assaults on mail carriers, this pervasive… Read More

Fast Food Stocks Indicate Consumers Are Tapped Out

The debate over whether stocks mirror the US economy has persisted for years. Politicians of both stripes tout the equities… Read More

Police Forces Finally See a Post-Floyd Rebound

A recent survey shows police departments hired more new officers in 2023 than in the previous four years. This news… Read More

The Presidential Debates Are On

It’s election season 2024, but this year, presidential debates were never a sure thing. It would have come as no… Read More

California Naturalizes About 155,000 New Citizens

California just added 154,900 new naturalized citizens in fiscal year 2023, which means a lot more voters for the Golden… Read More

Parents Seek Tuition Refund Amidst College Protests

The pro-Palestine college protests across the nation have caused disruption and unease. Jewish students have been told to stay home… Read More

Rep Cory Mills Files Impeachment Against Biden Over Israel

Representative Cory mills (R-FL) filed one article of impeachment against Joe Biden on May 10, for stopping a weapons shipment… Read More