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What’s Going On With COVID-19?

Nearly two years after the first COVID-19 cases were discovered, the virus is still affecting America and the world. So,… Read More

Biden Announces 6-Step COVID Plan

On Thursday, September 9, President Joe Biden announced a plan to deal with the spread of COVID-19. He blamed the… Read More

Private Rescue Missions in Afghanistan

United States Armed Forces have left Afghanistan – a country where the U.S. was at war for 20 years. After… Read More

US Military Has Left Afghanistan – But What About Those Left Behind?

After two decades at war, the United States military has finally left Afghanistan. President Joe Biden set August 31, 2021,… Read More

Hurricane Ida Tests New Orleans

Communities across the United States have had a hard month when it comes to natural disasters – from fires in… Read More

Records Set for Paralympic Games

The Paralympics began this week in Tokyo, and despite some obstacles, the mood was uplifted and excited. The word “Paralympic”… Read More

Storms in Tennessee and Northeast Cause Floods

Storm Henri The Northeast of America was struck by Storm Henri on Sunday, August 22, bringing heavy rain and strong… Read More

Wildfires Rage Across California and Utah

Wildfires are causing devastation across Northern California and Utah, with many people being forced to leave their homes. Several fires… Read More

Afghanistan War Ends in Chaos

After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, the U.S. is finally leaving – but what is the result of the… Read More

The Spill: Delta Continues to Confuse

The Delta Variant Confuses – Again The Delta variant of the coronavirus is still causing confusion, and new advice is… Read More

The Spill: COVID Makes a Comeback

Again With the COVID Just as the world was getting back to work and play, a new COVID variant called… Read More

The Spill: The Safest – and Least Fun – Olympic Games?

The Long-Awaited Olympics Under Covid-19 Emergency Status The 2020 Olympics was postponed one year due to the pandemic. The Olympics… Read More