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Five Countries Agree: Nuclear War Must Be Avoided

What can you think of that is about the size of a minivan? While you may be able to come… Read More

Enes Kanter’s American Dream Come True

When you make millions of dollars playing a game you love, and have legions of adoring fans, what could possibly… Read More

Russia and US Lock Horns Over Ukraine Border

President Joe Biden recently held a virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders talked about a disagreement… Read More

US States Hit by Severe ‘Tornado Outbreak’

Six U.S. states have been hit by deadly tornadoes in one of the worst storms seen in recent times. Over… Read More

‘Kona Low’ Douses Hawaii With Heavy Rains

Hawaii may be a tropical paradise most of the time, but the U.S. state was recently hit by a tropical… Read More

Omicron COVID Strain Comes Out of South Africa

A new version of the COVID virus has hit the news. Just as Americans hoped the pandemic was almost over,… Read More

Airlines Struggle with Flights Ahead of the Holidays

As the holiday season gets closer, Americans are sure to be traveling around the country to spend time with family…. Read More

G20 and COP26 – Biden Talks Climate and Business in Europe

President Joe Biden has traveled to Europe to meet with world leaders. He recently joined a G20 meeting in Rome,… Read More

US Feels Effects of Computer Chip Shortage

The world is seeing shortages of many items due to problems in supply chains. One shortage that has been making… Read More

California Oil Spill Investigations

A pipeline off the coast of California leaked over 25,000 gallons of crude oil into the waters of the Pacific… Read More

Michigan Governor Vows to Fix Lead-Infected Water Supply

Michigan officials have told people living in Benton Harbor not to use tap water after a high level of lead… Read More

COVID and School – Rules Vary Across the Nation

The start of a new school year is a lot more complicated since the COVID pandemic spread across the world…. Read More