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Trump v Biden: What Benefits Do They Bring?

Who do you want to win: Biden, Trump, or a third-party candidate?

By:  |  November 2, 2020  |    492 Words

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are competing to become the next president of the United States – but what benefits does each candidate have?

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or something else, it may be hard to understand all the information on each candidate. This article compiles the top five reasons people may want to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump.

Reasons for Biden

Biden Is Not Trump

Many people really dislike Trump. Biden is a long-time politician and his conduct fits what many of these people see as the “proper” way for officials to behave.

First Woman President

Biden is almost 78 years old. Two-thirds of Americans and nearly half of Democrats believe that Biden will not complete his first term if elected. A vote for Biden is a likely vote for his running mate, Kamala Harris. If you want to see Senator Harris as the first woman president, Biden is your man.

Green New Deal

Biden has described the Green New Deal as a foundation for his climate policy. He has promised to get America back in the Paris Climate Accord on the first day of his presidency, and get America carbon neutral as quickly as possible.

Stricter Gun Control

Many people are worried about gun crime. Joe Biden wants to ban what he calls assault weapons and high capacity magazines. He has several other ideas for new laws to restrict the use of guns.

Normalizing Foreign Policy

Many voters worry that Trump is causing strife and unnecessary conflict with adversaries and international trading partners. They are afraid he will start wars. Joe Biden would mean a return to the foreign policy of the Obama era.

Reasons for Trump

Jobs and Economic Growth

Trump has overseen a period of strong economic growth and low unemployment, and many economists agree that his tax cuts have helped.

Law and Order

Since George Floyd’s death, America has experienced violent rioting and looting, especially in Democrat-run cities. Trump has been clear on his support for law and order.

Energy Independence

Trump has removed many regulations that got in the way of fracking. Experts agree that this policy has rendered the United States energy independent for the first time in 75 years.

The Wall

Trump promised to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico – and he has already completed some of it.

Peace Treaties

Trump has contributed to a flurry of peace treaties between Arab countries and Israel. His unconventional style and approach to negotiations have created the possibility of a full normalization in the Middle East.

The Final Choice

These are the issues that the candidates themselves have highlighted as significant, and we have highlighted the ones that distinguish one candidate from the other. If, however, you are not impressed by either Trump or Biden, third-party candidates such as Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party or Howie Hawkins of the Green Party could be of interest.

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