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Stella Terra: The First Off-Road Solar-Powered Car

Stella Terra: The First Off-Road Solar-Powered Car

It is 2023, and technology is taking the world by storm. It is truly amazing what technology and the human mind can accomplish. The latest breakthrough is a street-legal solar-powered car built by a team of students from the Netherlands. The group of young adults...

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Watch Out for AI Toys This Year

Watch Out for AI Toys This Year

Black Friday is traditionally the best day of the year for deals on toys, TVs, and other desired items for the holidays. But anyone with AI toys on their shopping list might want to rethink those purchases. According to a recent US PIRG Education Fund report, AI toys...

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thanksgiving GettyImages-481655521

The Evolution of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family. While eating that extra piece of pumpkin pie may be… Read More

thanksgiving GettyImages-2396652

Turkey for Thanksgiving – But Why?

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and with that knowledge comes thoughts of big family dinners with a golden turkey as the centerpiece…. Read More

GettyImages-1499075642 college degree

The Lack of a College Degree Is Shortening Lifespans

Is a college degree important? That question has been asked for decades, with the biggest contention being whether the cost… Read More

GettyImages-1648149629 dinosaurs

Study Shows ‘Apocalyptic Dust’ Might Have Killed the Dinosaurs

You may have people blame a massive asteroid for killing off all the dinosaurs millions of years ago – but… Read More

GettyImages-1440833658 Veterans Day

Veterans Day – Celebrating America’s Heroes

Every November 11, the US gives a day to the courageous men and women who sacrifice their safety and time… Read More

GettyImages-1644898167 Holy Land

History of the Holy Land

Israel’s war against Hamas may be a relatively new development, but the area known as Palestine has seen conflict for… Read More

GettyImages-1494345547 Teatro Romano de Málaga

Ancient Roman Theater Discovered

Historians and archaeologists have uncovered remarkable insight into historical artwork, cultural practices, and overall ways of life for centuries. Much… Read More

day of the dead GettyImages-622559644

Halloween Around the World: It Isn’t Just Costumes and Candy

When you think of Halloween, you probably imagine spooky costumes, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating. While these are typical American… Read More

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