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Astounding Facts about US Presidents

Astounding Facts about US Presidents

On this Presidents’ Day, a celebration of the country’s commanders-in-chief, we take a look at some amazing facts you might not have known about our nation’s past leaders. Thomas Jefferson: During the War of 1812, the British burned down the Library of Congress....

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Ancient Celestial Calendar Found in a 2,000-Year-Old Tomb

Ancient Celestial Calendar Found in a 2,000-Year-Old Tomb

Wikipedia defines a calendar as “explicit schemes used for timekeeping.” Basically, a calendar is a series of days, weeks, and months that repeat themselves every 365 days, with a leap year every four years. But how long have people used them? The first...

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st valentine GettyImages-695888681

Who Was St. Valentine?

It’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday to celebrate romance and love. It’s a time to give out chocolates and poetic cards… Read More


Love Poems for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, LNGenZ presents a selection of love poems for you to enjoy. Why not read them to a… Read More

GettyImages-1983631889 (1) Texas border

Texas Declares Border Invasion – Can They Do That?

This week, Congress put the border skirmish between Texas and the Biden administration through the lens of our Constitution. While… Read More

GettyImages-1825439186 AI

AI Coming to a Keyboard Near You

Microsoft has changed its buttons for the first time in nearly 30 years, adding an AI key for users to… Read More

GettyImages-1497023906 Greg Abbott - Texas

Republicans Rally Behind Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Border

Despite a Supreme Court ruling that federal agents are allowed – for now – to cut the razor wire and… Read More

GettyImages-481682941 (1) measuring health
GettyImages-1239234631 gold and platinum

How Did Gold and Platinum Arrive on Earth?

New scientific studies have been released regarding the origin and formation of Earth’s gold and platinum, amongst precious metals. Though… Read More

GettyImages-1877629804 coal

The Energy Behind the White House’s Hatred of Coal

While running for president in 2016, Hillary Clinton promised to put coal miners and companies “out of business.” That didn’t… Read More

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