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Articles by Onar Åm

Pagan or Christian: The Origin of Christmas

Today, Christmas is considered a Christian holiday. It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, many of the… Read More

The Evolution of Citizens

When you are born, you become a citizen of your country. Today, this may seem natural, but it hasn’t always… Read More

Will California Become Two States?

Over the years, many people have wanted their states to secede from the Union, meaning leave the United States. Several… Read More

Who Was the Man Behind the Legend of Santa Claus?

Every Christmas, millions of children are expecting presents from Santa Claus. But who is he? Today’s legend of Santa Claus… Read More

Trump v Biden: What Benefits Do They Bring?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are competing to become the next president of the United States – but what benefits… Read More

Coronavirus: Could Trump Now Be Immune?

President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he was immune to COVID-19. Twitter attached a warning saying that it “spread misleading… Read More

Presidential Debates: What Is the Moderator’s Job?

Before an election, the nominees for president for the Democrats and Republicans usually go head-to-head in a televised debate, where… Read More

Could There be Life on Venus?

Scientists are hoping to return to the moon and colonize Mars in the next few years – but another of… Read More

Slavery: An Ancient Evil That Still Exists Today

From the earliest civilizations, people have taken others as slaves. Most people in the Western world today agree that slavery… Read More

War, Peace, and School Bullies

History is full of war all over the world. Often, one war leads to another, but not always. Sometimes, a… Read More

Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem: Where Western Civilization Began

Did you know that “democracy” comes from Greek and means people’s rule? Also, did you know that “republic” comes from… Read More

Is Universal Basic Income the Only Answer to AI?

Bill Gates and Elon Musk have said that artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the automatization of work will put much of… Read More