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Odysseus Has Found Its New Home

Odysseus, the first commercial spacecraft to land on the moon, has officially made history. On Thursday, February 22, at 6:23… Read More

Satellite Spots Earth’s Second Moon?

A telescope mounted atop a dormant Hawaiian volcano spotted a never-before-seen object in the sky. In March 2023, scientists discovered… Read More

Jupiter and Venus Appear to ‘Kiss’

In an event called a “conjunction,” Jupiter and Venus pass close enough to each other in space that, when viewing… Read More

Humans at Home on the Moon – Could It Really Happen This Decade?

The Artemis I launch was successful. And though no humans were on this flight, the countdown to the day people… Read More

Buzz Aldrin Sells Jacket from the Moon Landing

Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin made history when they became the first and second people to walk on the… Read More

This Week in History July 17 – 23

“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” ~ C…. Read More

Weekly Snapshot: Collisions and Discoveries

Big Business Shuns Russia Over Ukraine Invasion The US and European marketplace protests Russia by refusing to do business there…. Read More

A Lot Is Happening On and Around the Moon

The Moon, with a diameter of roughly 2,160 miles, is the Earth’s only natural satellite. For years, scientists have studied… Read More

The Moon Landing: One Giant Leap for Mankind

The 1960s were an eventful time in American history. The country was in the middle of the Cold War and… Read More

The Lunar Ark: A Living Backup

The earth is a dangerous place to live. From time to time, our planet is hit by meteors, causing catastrophes…. Read More

The Spill: America’s Voting Early

A Horde of Voters This has been a strange year. Americans suddenly found themselves self-quarantined in their own homes, forced… Read More

The Spill: West Coast Wildfires

West Coast Wildfires The West Coast seems to be on fire. Smoke hangs over California, Oregon, and Washington like a… Read More