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Cold War

By:  |  June 10, 2020  |    140 Words
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A conflict in in the 20th century (1947-1991) between the two world superpowers of the Soviet Union (communist Russia) and the United States. The war was “cold” because the two countries didn’t declare war against each other, but fought indirectly through other countries. Eg. in the Korean War, the U.S. backed South Korea and the Soviet Union backed North Korea, but the war was not officially between the U.S. and Soviet Union. The two countries also showed their hostility in other ways, such as competing to get to the moon or develop more advanced weapons. The main conflict was over economic and social theories as the Soviet Union was communist and the United States was capitalist – each country thought the other wanted to take over the world. Eventually, the U.S. “won” as the Soviet Union collapsed.

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