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Articles by Laura Valkovic

New Year’s Day: Why January 1st?

It may seem obvious that January 1 marks the start of a new year. But how about January 14, February… Read More

School and ChatGPT – Is it Cheating?

Will robots take over the world soon? That might be going a bit far, but artificial intelligence (AI) is making… Read More

Free Expression on Campus – A Right for All Students

Constitution Day is here – an occasion for Americans to celebrate and learn about one of the nation’s founding documents…. Read More

Lifeguard Shortage Could Limit Summer Swimming

Summer is here, which means kids and adults across the U.S. are probably planning to spend lots of time at… Read More

Western US Suffering From Harsh Drought

The United States is a large country, which means distant regions might be experiencing different weather events at any time…. Read More

Is it Chicken Kiev or Kyiv? A Scrumptious Spelling Problem

When was the last time you had a spelling test at school? Spelling may seem like a dull topic, but… Read More

World Down Syndrome Day: What It’s About and How to Join In

It’s March 21 – also known as World Down Syndrome Day. The event aims to raise awareness of the genetic… Read More

Beware the Ides of March – But Why?

It’s the Ides of March – also known as March 15. This date is often seen as a bad omen… Read More

US States Hit by Severe ‘Tornado Outbreak’

Six U.S. states have been hit by deadly tornadoes in one of the worst storms seen in recent times. Over… Read More

Eruptions at La Palma and Kilauea Volcanoes

Volcanoes are some of nature’s most dramatic landmarks. Recently, volcanic eruptions have been gaining attention on islands around the world…. Read More

Journalist’s Arrest Raises Free Speech Issue in Belarus

The small Eastern European country of Belarus is right in the middle of an international free speech controversy. While U.S…. Read More

Democrats Come Out on Top

The final results of the November 3, 2020, general election have finally been settled, after months of uncertainty. Joe Biden,… Read More