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Eating Bugs?

Would you eat insects?

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How much meat do you eat? Many Americans eat meat every day, but this common food could soon be replaced by… insects!

While some people around the world eat insects, most Americans would find this idea to be, well, gross. Even though it might seem disgusting to eat bugs instead of meats like beef or pork, some people say that one day we might have to change our diets.

Have you ever thought about how meat gets from the farm to your table? A report on climate change says that people around the world need to eat less meat, because farming animals uses a lot of land and resources. In 2018, scientists suggested that bugs could be the answer to this problem, since they don’t take much land to farm.

Some countries, like Germany, are thinking about putting more tax on meat. Tax is money that goes to the government. This means the German government may decide to charge extra money to buy meat. Since people may not want to spend extra money, the tax might make them buy less meat.

Even though climate change is the reason given for people to stop eating meat, some scientists say that climate change is not a problem. Fossil fuels like coal and oil send carbon into the environment, which some scientists think is causing the Earth to get warmer. One report says that half the pollution from fossil fuels has disappeared! While no one knows what has happened, some scientists say it is being soaked up by plants and making them grow! This is because plants consume carbon dioxide (CO2), a chemical that many people think is causing climate change.

Luckily, we don’t have to stop eating meat yet, unless we want to. What do you think it would be like to eat insects?


*This article was adapted from “Holy Cow: You’re In For A Change Of Diet” by Onar Åm.
Onar Åm

International Correspondent at and Onar is a Norwegian author who has written extensively on politics, technology, and science. He has a mathematics and physics background and has been a technological entrepreneur for twenty years, working in areas ranging from biomass gasification and AI to 3D cameras and 3D TV. He is currently also the Editor of the alternative news site Ekte Nyheter (Authentic News) in Norway. Onar is the author of The Climate Bubble (2007) and The Art of War (2008).

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