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College Protesters: Who are they?

It’s a bird; it’s a plane – no, it’s super-protester! On college campuses from coast to coast, civil unrest is… Read More

Blinken Visits Europe: Two Issues Dominated

From April 1 to April 5, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Europe for the NATO ministerial meetings… Read More

Can Ukraine Defeat Russia?

Ukraine has been fighting Russia for two years now – but to what end? Clarity on the beleaguered nation’s progress… Read More

Links to CA News Sites Could Disappear From Google

The war on social media and the internet just kicked off a new battle. This time, Google is fighting back… Read More

More Americans Want to Leave the Country

Life in the US has changed a lot in the last 50 years, and it seems for many, the American… Read More

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue – April Celebrates Poetry, Too

April welcomes the beginning of spring, sometimes includes the celebration of Easter, and also celebrates the world of poets and… Read More

A Visit From the FBI Over Your Social Media Post? It Could Happen

It’s a safe bet that most, if not all, FBI agents – if they knew they could speak freely without… Read More

Election 2024: AI, Deepfakes, and Scams

Russia and China have long been accused of being behind mass attempts at election interference. This year, however, there’s another… Read More

Easter: History and Facts

For many today, Easter may seem just another holiday when kids get to restock their candy stash and receive presents…. Read More

Trump Turmoil: Hits and Misses in the Legal Arena

After a long day in court Thursday, March 14, Donald Trump got some bad news. Judge Aileen Cannon denied one… Read More

NATO Membership the Goal for Countries Fearing Putin’s Grasp

Hungary has agreed to Sweden joining NATO. But what about other former nations of the old Soviet Union? Ukraine has… Read More

US Soldiers and the New War on Weight

US military members are making physical fitness and weight loss more of a priority in 2024, according to a new… Read More