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Articles by Onar Åm

Trust in Society, America v Singapore

Does your family lock up the house at night or when you’re away? If so, you’re like most other Americans… Read More

Can the Polls Predict if Trump or Biden Will Win?

President Donald Trump isn’t doing as well recently in national polls, and some Republicans are very worried that he could… Read More

Mars: Just the Beginning?

Imagine living on the South Pole. It would be freezing, and you couldn’t go outside. Not much fun, right? Now,… Read More

Is the US Headed for Herd Immunity to Coronavirus?

A renowned German epidemiologist is calling for an end to the lockdowns and urging a shift toward the herd immunity… Read More

Sweden and Coronavirus: Are They Right?

Sweden has been criticized for its strategy of dealing with the Coronavirus. The European country decided to let its healthy… Read More

The Coronavirus Data Gap: Is Rapid Testing the Answer?

Researchers from all over the world have been racing to make a faster, easier, and cheaper COVID-19 test. Without checking… Read More

Is Online Education The Future?

Social distancing and closing of schools during the Coronavirus outbreak have forced many students to study online. Therefore, we now… Read More

A Scientific Look at COVID-19

All around the world, people are worried about the Wuhan Coronavirus. How dangerous is it? What can be done about… Read More

Can Switching from Coal to Natural Gas Save Lives?

A new study published in Nature Sustainability has calculated that the recent shutdown of coal power plants in favor of… Read More

Leap Year: There’s More to It Than Just Adding a Day

Wednesday, September 2, 1752, was a memorable day in the United Kingdom. The next day was declared to be Thursday,… Read More

Moving Meteors May Protect Us From Impact

Throughout history, meteorites have impacted Earth – and there are many more out there headed our way. But before you… Read More

We’re Running Out of Helium – But Why?

Next to hydrogen, helium is the most common element in the universe. But while there is plenty of hydrogen on… Read More