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Weekly Snapshot: Pool Problems

Weekly news you can use.

By:  |  June 8, 2022  |    636 Words

(Photo by Philipp von Ditfurth/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Welcome to LNGenZ’s round up of the week’s top news stories.

Lifeguard Shortage Could Limit Summer Swimming

Pools, beaches, and lakes across the US are struggling to deal with a short supply of staff.

Summer is here, which means kids and adults across the U.S. are probably planning to spend lots of time at beaches or their local swimming pools over the next few months. Some areas may have to endure limited pool time, though. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of things have been in short supply – from certain foods to airplane staff. One problem, however, may affect kids’ summer plans this year – a shortage of lifeguards.

beach lifeguard

(Photo by Jack Tinney/Getty Images)

Pools, lakes, and beaches are great places to cool off in the hot weather, but without enough lifeguards to make sure people are safe around the water, some locations can’t open their facilities. Other places have said they will open for swimming, but with shortened hours.

Lifeguards perform an important job when it comes to water safety. According to the website Career Explorer, “Lifeguards are expert swimmers who work at almost any location where people swim. They know how to save a person who is drowning or who has sustained an injury while swimming, and they can give artificial respiration [helping people to breathe using a method such as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation] if required.” Read more…

Queen Elizabeth Marks 70 Years on Throne with Platinum Jubilee

The British monarch is one of the longest reigning in the world.

The United States may have declared its independence from Britain in 1776, but royal fans around the world are now celebrating the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.


Queen Elizabeth II (left) and other members of the Royal Family celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

A big party – called a “jubilee” – is taking place in Britain and other regions ruled by the Royal Family to celebrate the anniversary. 2022 is the year of the Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates the queen’s 70 years on the throne.

The Platinum Jubilee year actually began in February, but Britain is holding a special four-day weekend from June 2 – June 5 to celebrate. Lots of events are scheduled, including street parties, performances, and parades.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, “A jubilee is a celebration of the life and reign of a monarch. Rather than happening every year, Jubilees only mark significant milestones, making them more special. Each Jubilee has a name, used to reflect a certain length of time.” Read more…


The National Spelling Bee – A Time-Honored Tradition

spelling bee

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Both contestants stayed cool under the pressure of the first-ever lighting round tiebreaker.

It all came down to a seven-letter word for a little aquatic bird: moorhen. This was the winning word spelled in the final contest between 14-year-old Texan Harini Logan and rival wordsmith, 12-year-old Vikram Raju from Colorado.

After several elimination rounds, the two left standing on the stage faced off in a “lightning” round. Logan wowed the audience – in person and on television – at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, winning the competition after the first-of-its-kind “Spell Off.” Holding a well-deserved trophy and a check for $50,000, Logan said, “I think [its] honestly so surreal, it’s my fourth time at the Bee. This is such a dream.”

The Spell Off – or lightning round – was a new addition to the Bee, giving participants a way to shine under pressure. The Spell Off calls for both finalists to be given the same exact words to spell in 90 seconds for the win. Raju claimed 15 words out of 26, but it wasn’t enough to beat Logan’s 22 accurate spellings. Read more…

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