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The Spill: COVID Makes a Comeback

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By:  |  July 26, 2021  |    582 Words

(Photo by Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images)

Again With the COVID

Just as the world was getting back to work and play, a new COVID variant called Delta is making the news. This strain of the virus appears to be more contagious than the original, but also less deadly. There are several vaccines available for the original strain. Though none of the vaccines have been officially fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or tested for long-term side effects, manufacturers do say they’ll help with the Delta strain as well. There is some uncertainty, however, about just how dangerous Delta is. Apparently, it’s just too new and there isn’t enough information available yet. The CDC website says: “Evidence suggests that [Delta variant] is potentially more transmissible than other variants.”

According to Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the World Health Organization (WHO), “as of today, the Delta variant has been reported in 96 countries.”

All the World’s a Stage – The Olympics Are Here!

Last Friday, the 2020 Olympics Games began in Tokyo, Japan. They had been delayed a year due to the worldwide pandemic. Olympic chief Thomas Bach kicked off the ceremonies by saying: “Welcome to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Finally, the moment has arrived.” He called the Games “a light at the end of this dark tunnel.”

The Games began with a parade of all 207 teams – though there are only 193 officially recognized countries in the world – decked out in their colors and waving flags. Leading the parade were eight children. As the first Olympics since the age of COVID-19 began, everyone wore masks. Still, the atmosphere was celebratory filled with hope.

The tone turned somber, however, as a moment of silence was given in honor of the Israeli Olympic team members killed by Palestinian gunmen in 1972. The Israeli team had been denied this moment of recognition for a half-century. As Bach intoned: “One group still holds a strong place in all our memories and stand for all those we have lost at the games – the members of the Israeli delegation at the Olympic Games Munich 1972.”

Let the Games begin!

TED Talks Welcome Youngest Presenter Ever

Molly Wright, a second-grade student from Queensland, Australia, gave a talk to hundreds on how every child can thrive. And guess what – it involves parents putting down smartphones and streaming devices, and interacting with children. Molly shared her ideas and how she came by them at such a young age growing up. She began her remarks by praising her parents: “My talk today is about some powerful things you grown-ups can do to shape us as children and the adults we become. How do I know? Because my parents and people around me did them, early and often.”

Smartly, she acknowledged that not every child has as great a system of parents, extended family, and family friends as she does. She wants to help change that too. But the first step, according to research, is to put the digital devices away, as they keep parents from forming a solid connection to their children. “To ensure healthy development, parents should follow five key tips; connecting, talking, playing, a healthy home and community,” Molly advises. The TED talk was produced in partnership with the Minderoo Foundation, with funding from UNICEF. Molly’s mother, Ally, posted on Facebook after the speech concluded: “Molly, I have no words; you are one very special little lady who might actually just change the world one day.”

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