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Trump v Biden: What Benefits Do They Bring?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are competing to become the next president of the United States – but what benefits… Read More

The Electoral College: How It Works and Do We Need It?

Liberty Nation GenZ  believes in educating young Americans about the U.S. and its Constitution. This middle school lesson plan can be… Read More

Joe Biden Gets Ready to Fight Election

Who will be the next president of the United States? With the election only a few months away, the Democratic… Read More

Winning the Presidency Isn’t as Easy as it Might Sound

The road to becoming the president of the United States is long and difficult – and typically expensive. Not every… Read More

The Spill: Racing to be President

Iran De-Escalation and Plane Crash Relations between Iran and the U.S. calmed this week. Iran is a country in the… Read More

The Spill: International Foot

Two Trade Deals – China and USMCA This week saw big news in terms of U.S. trade with other countries…. Read More