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The Lack of a College Degree Is Shortening Lifespans

Is a college degree important? That question has been asked for decades, with the biggest contention being whether the cost… Read More

Is There Too Much Technology in Education?

The use of technology in schools has increased over the years, and now, very little is done without it. Chalkboards… Read More

The Abacus is Helping Kids Master Math Skills

Math is one of the most challenging subjects for many kids. A lack of confidence, a reliance on memorization, and… Read More

Free Expression on Campus – A Right for All Students

Constitution Day is here – an occasion for Americans to celebrate and learn about one of the nation’s founding documents…. Read More

Texas Schools Spark Debate: What Should Kids Wear in Class?

Does it matter what students wear in the school environment? The debate surrounding school dress codes has gone on for… Read More

Finance Classes at School – A New Trend?

How much do young people need to know about money? When kids grow up they need to deal with finances,… Read More

COVID and School – Rules Vary Across the Nation

The start of a new school year is a lot more complicated since the COVID pandemic spread across the world…. Read More

Can Advanced Math Be Racist?

Does advanced math discriminate? That’s what people in Virginia are asking after the state’s education department decided to reduce accelerated… Read More

Public v Private School

Conflict between public schools and private schools has existed for a long time. People who support private schools often question… Read More

Is Online Education The Future?

Social distancing and closing of schools during the Coronavirus outbreak have forced many students to study online. Therefore, we now… Read More