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Weekly Snapshot: Cheese and Stinky Feet

Welcome to LNGenZ’s round up of the week’s top news stories. Sniffing Out the Truth About Smells The sense of… Read More

Merck COVID Pill – A New Way to Treat the Virus?

A new medicine could be here to treat the coronavirus, and it’s getting a lot of attention. Drug companies Merck… Read More

What’s Going On With COVID-19?

Nearly two years after the first COVID-19 cases were discovered, the virus is still affecting America and the world. So,… Read More

Are Dogs the Future of COVID Testing?

Trained canines may be the next big thing in COVID testing. PCR tests, which is short for “polymerase chain reaction”… Read More

A Very Unusual Mother’s Day

Did you know Mother’s Day was originally intended to celebrate just one person – hence the apostrophe after the “r”?… Read More

Capitalism v Socialism: Which Is Best?

Capitalism has been raising the worldwide standard of living for years. Before the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the planet, the World Bank’s global… Read More

The Spill: Immunity Passports

COVID Passports – For Real? America suffers from a pandemic that has altered the freedoms we are all used to… Read More

Halloween in the Age of Coronavirus

Is it going to be a bone-chilling Halloween for retailers, or a frightful season of riches? The coronavirus pandemic has… Read More

Coronavirus: Could Trump Now Be Immune?

President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he was immune to COVID-19. Twitter attached a warning saying that it “spread misleading… Read More

President Trump in Hospital With COVID

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania have both tested positive for COVID-19. The announcement came late on October 1…. Read More

The Spill: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers

Rules for Thee but not for Me The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed our way of life. It’s hard to… Read More

The Spill: The Violence Keeps Growing

The Violence Keeps Growing For the past several months, our nation has become a battleground for civil unrest resulting in… Read More