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Articles Containing Tag: coronavirus

A Tale Of Two Sacrifices – Part I

The word sacrifice is loaded with power – but does everyone fully understand what it means? A recent NBC/WSJ poll… Read More

Is the US Headed for Herd Immunity to Coronavirus?

A renowned German epidemiologist is calling for an end to the lockdowns and urging a shift toward the herd immunity… Read More

Southern States Are Reopening, With or Without Their Neighbors

America is finally beginning to open back up, and Governors in at least 17 states in the West, the Northeast,… Read More

Trump Puts Immigration on Hold for 60 Days

President Trump has signed a proclamation limiting certain types of immigration to the United States for the next 60 days. With so… Read More

Universal Basic Income – Is it the Future?

The idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is becoming more and more popular, especially in the hard times of… Read More

Sweden and Coronavirus: Are They Right?

Sweden has been criticized for its strategy of dealing with the Coronavirus. The European country decided to let its healthy… Read More

Lockdown Protests in States Across America

The Coronavirus lockdown orders have lasted about a month, for most Americans. Patience is stretched thin, and tensions are running… Read More

Trump Withholds Funds To WHO

President Donald Trump has suspended funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) while the agency’s response to the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic is… Read More

The Coronavirus Data Gap: Is Rapid Testing the Answer?

Researchers from all over the world have been racing to make a faster, easier, and cheaper COVID-19 test. Without checking… Read More

The Spill: China Lockdown Over

Chinese Lockdown Comes to an End As countries around the world enter lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the… Read More

Orange Juice Enjoys a Coronavirus Comeback

Orange juice is back on the table in American homes. In recent years, many people have passed on orange juice… Read More

Coronavirus Cures: Is a Treatment or Vaccine Coming Soon?

As the number of Coronavirus cases and deaths continues to rise, researchers race toward some form of a cure. To… Read More