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Does the USA Need a Wall?

Let's talk about the border wall.

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After months of debate over whether a border wall is an effective tool or a symbolic expense, Americans agree there is a serious problem with too many people moving across the US/Mexico border. What is still being argued is how to solve the situation.

Supporters of tighter security want people to use legal ports of entry. Along the 1,933 miles of Mexico and US border, 700 miles have fences or walls in place and there are 136 legal ports of entry. People who don’t want a wall call it cruel and believe that our borders should be open to anyone who wants to come to America. Many leaders across the US have declared their cities safe places and promise not to send people back.

Facts and Figures

Many argue that the needs of our own people should be taken care of first. But people who don’t want a wall focus their concerns and efforts on the overcrowding of detention centers and the separation of families once the immigrants are caught. There have been reports that immigrants are treated poorly. One recent case is that of an El Salvadoran father and daughter who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande River. Some also believe the wall costs too much.

To secure the whole area of the southern border could cost up to $25 billion. However, a recent half-mile stretch completed in Dona Ana County, NM, cost $8 million and was paid for without using taxes. It was also completed in a few days.

National Security

Is it un-American to build a wall to stop illegal people entering against the law? Some believe that, as a nation of immigrants, we must open our borders to others. The people who want tougher national security are of the belief a wall will discourage others from attempting the trip, will slow smuggling and reduce the flow of illegal drugs entering America.

This is a discussion all Americans must have.

Sarah Cowgill

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