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Articles by Sarah Cowgill

A New Footprint Find – The Earliest Americans?

Scientists, researchers, and many more have wondered who were the first people to arrive in America? It appears a 2009… Read More

A Very Merry COVID Homecoming?

Homecoming is a time for current students, staff, and former students to show appreciation for the school. Kids and advisors… Read More

US joins UK and Australia in ‘AUKUS’ Defense Deal

The United States (U.S.), the United Kingdom (U.K.), and Australia (A) recently announced the intent to share nuclear submarine technology…. Read More

Revolutionary Women: America’s Founding Females

The Founding Fathers and their heroic actions helped form the United States, where freedoms are first and foremost protected. But… Read More

Dogs Can Tell When Humans Make a Mistake, Says Study

Dogs have always been a human’s best friend: they are loyal, playful, can whiff out explosives, and help find missing… Read More

What Lies Ahead for Girls in a Taliban-Run Afghanistan?

Since the Taliban has regained power, the future for girls and women is more uncertain than ever in Afghanistan. For… Read More

Study Finds That Apes Have Manners, Too

Just like humans, apes use manners in social situations and signal to one another niceties like “hello” and “goodbye.” Ape… Read More

Mother’s Day: The Anti-War Efforts Turned Holiday

Mother’s Day – It comes every year in America on the second Sunday of May, but its evolution was a… Read More

Martha Washington: An American Businesswoman

Martha Washington was an educated woman, skilled business manager, a clever hostess, and the only woman to appear on U.S…. Read More

Ancient Dog Bone Changes Human Migration Timeline

When we think we know all we need to know about the first people in America, along comes man’s best… Read More

The Federal Impeachment Process Explained

A lot of people don’t really understand the process of impeachment. It is a simple legal process including a formal… Read More

Electoral College: Who Picks the President and Why?

The Electoral College is one of America’s top political discussion topics, as well as how we pick our president every… Read More