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Presidential Debates: Big Moments Can Cause Big Changes

Presidential debates can often help undecided voters decide who to pick on Election Day. Throughout the last 60 years, important… Read More

How Economics Has Shaped Elections

Come Election Day, the economy always plays an important role in voters’ choices. From tax cuts to investment in roads… Read More

Voting in America: A Right with Rules

Voting is a right – and according to many, a duty for Americans. But voting has steps and rules to… Read More

Presidential Debates: What Is the Moderator’s Job?

Before an election, the nominees for president for the Democrats and Republicans usually go head-to-head in a televised debate, where… Read More

How Voting Works Across America

Voting is considered a basic right for a citizen of any representative democracy or constitutional republic, like the United States…. Read More

The Supreme Court – What it Does

The United States Supreme Court is the ultimate decision-maker for legal disputes in the United States. Judges on the Court… Read More

The Scoop on U.S. Elections

Every four years, America holds a presidential election. Political ads and voter registration efforts dominate the news. The presidential election… Read More

Presidential Debates – Going for the Undecided Votes

Debate History Today, we see presidential debates as a big part of the election process. However, the debates are really… Read More

The US Government: Three Co-Equal Branches

Our federal government consists of three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. They are all described in the United States… Read More