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The Spill: Good Deeds for Groceries

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By:  |  December 21, 2020  |    473 Words

Saturn and Jupiter set behind a church ahead of their conjunction that is being called The Christmas Star. (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

“Good Deeds” Grocery in a Texas High School

One high school in North Texas opened a grocery store for students and their families. But they don’t take money. Instead, they take good deeds.

They had an idea to help their fellow students and themselves and partnered with Texas Health, Albertsons, and First Refuge Ministries to create the store in an unused classroom. Principal Anthony Love explains how the store works and why:

“A lot of our students, they come from low socioeconomic families. It’s a way for students to earn the ability to shop for their families. Through hard work, you can earn points for positive office referrals. You can earn points for doing chores around the building or helping to clean.”

And it teaches the students about running a business, when to hold sales, how to price goods, and job responsibilities. Partners hope the concept catches on in other rural communities where needs are sometimes not met.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Is Here

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen took the new COVID-19 vaccine on live television. Mr. Pence said, “I didn’t feel a thing,” praising the health care worker who delivered the first round of the vaccine.  Another dose will be given in three weeks.

The vice president said he hopes that people will continue to wash hands and follow safety protocols as the virus spreads across the country. He assured people the best way through the pandemic is “vigilance and a vaccine.”

Pence led the Trump administration’s COVID-19 team. They’ve pushed for a vaccine since December. In his remarks afterward getting his shot, the vice-president said 20 million Americans could be vaccinated by the end of the year.

The Star of Wonder

For the first time in about 800 years, the rare “Christmas Star” will be visible around the globe. On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer to each other than they have since the 13th century.

The star is two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, which will appear close to one another at a visible separation of only 0.1 degrees – but in reality, they are still millions of miles away from one another. When this happens, it is called a conjunction.

The reason people call it the “Christmas Star” is that when the planets come together it creates a shining light in the night sky that, when they’re lined up closely enough, looks like a single, bright star. Many believe it was this conjunction of planets that the wise men followed after the birth of Jesus.

People living near the Equator will have an easier time spotting the conjunction. Look to the western horizon on the 21st – and during several days after to experience the “Christmas Star” for yourself. They won’t be lined up this well and visible again for a very long time!

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