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Electoral College: Who Picks the President and Why?

The Electoral College is one of America’s top political discussion topics, as well as how we pick our president every… Read More

Kamala Harris: The Next Vice President?

The Democrats’ presidential candidate Joe Biden has finally announced who will be on his ticket for vice president. California Senator… Read More

Election 99 Days Away – Has It All Been Decided Already?

With persistent civil unrest going on in cities across the nation and nasty Coronavirus numbers coming out, there is much… Read More

Trump’s Campaign Makes a Change

With the November election only a few months away, the candidates for president are hard at work campaigning. Over the… Read More

Can the Polls Predict if Trump or Biden Will Win?

President Donald Trump isn’t doing as well recently in national polls, and some Republicans are very worried that he could… Read More

Super Tuesday: The Biggest Day in Primary Voting

Since 1988, whoever won the presidential primaries and caucuses held on Super Tuesday in March (March 3, 2020) ended up… Read More