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Marion Robert Goff: A Soldier’s Tale on D-Day

Mona Goff was the younger sister of the only hero she had ever known: her brother. Marion Robert Goff was… Read More

Memorial Day: A Time of Honor and Respect

Memorial Day is a day for Americans to honor and offer respect to the military men and women who gave… Read More

Supply Chain Is the Weak Link in US Military Capability

Keeping America’s warships, tanks, and aircraft supplied to meet real-time national security threats adequately is a challenge under the best… Read More

The Air Force Needs a Few Older Folks to Hit Recruiting Goals

Wisdom and experience meet youth and exuberance, or that’s what the US Air Force hopes as it attempts to meet… Read More

Veterans Day – Celebrating America’s Heroes

Every November 11, the US gives a day to the courageous men and women who sacrifice their safety and time… Read More

Four Balloons Shot Down After Found Floating in American Airspace

Throughout February, four balloons were discovered floating over the United States. Government officials are reportedly still perplexed about what precisely… Read More

From Decoration Day to Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been a day to remember and honor soldiers who died in the line of duty. However,… Read More

Survivors Tell Their Stories on 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack

December 7, 1941. That was the date Japanese air forces launched a surprise bombing on the American naval base at… Read More

US Military Starts New UFO Research Group

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have mystified mankind for a long time – have alien spacecraft visited our planet, or do… Read More

This Spill: CA Poké Hunters

Tensions with Iran Relations between the U.S. and the Middle Eastern country of Iran have been tense for a long… Read More

Space Force: The Military Goes to Space

A historic defense legislation is now officially in the books with an addition of the sixth branch of the U.S…. Read More

The Spill: Pro-Democracy Win

Thanksgiving Surprise: Trump’s Secret Trip to Visit the Troops President Donald Trump surprised American troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. He… Read More