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Finding the Facts on Midterm Elections

Midterms occur halfway through a president’s four-year term. These elections don’t have anything to do with choosing a president –… Read More

Which Way the Wind Blows: Straw Polls and US Elections

In the world of elections, groups often conduct surveys asking people what they think of issues or politicians. These questionnaires… Read More

It’s Primary Season in the United States

It’s an election year in the United States, and the two main political parties are already preparing. In November, Americans… Read More

Solving Election Dilemmas

Even though Election Day 2020 has come and gone, there are still many questions about who actually won and how… Read More

American Elections: A History of Controversy

Usually, presidential elections go smoothly, with a winner being declared immediately after Election Day. But, as we see now in… Read More

Presidential Debates: Big Moments Can Cause Big Changes

Presidential debates can often help undecided voters decide who to pick on Election Day. Throughout the last 60 years, important… Read More

Voting in America: A Right with Rules

Voting is a right – and according to many, a duty for Americans. But voting has steps and rules to… Read More

How Voting Works Across America

Voting is considered a basic right for a citizen of any representative democracy or constitutional republic, like the United States…. Read More

The Scoop on U.S. Elections

Every four years, America holds a presidential election. Political ads and voter registration efforts dominate the news. The presidential election… Read More

The 20th Amendment: Taking a Little More Power From the Lame Ducks

The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution might seem like no big deal, as it just changes the date that… Read More

Polls – How Reliable Are They?

For a long time, people have believed that the major polls indicated who was going to win in an election…. Read More

Mail-In Voting and the 2020 Election

The country has been trying to figure out how to hold the 2020 election in the midst of the Coronavirus… Read More