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Antifa and Black Lives Matter: The New Red Guard?

Throughout history, tyrannies have been built on a passionate youth searching for meaning through violence and dedication to a lethal… Read More

Book Burning: Antifa and BLM Can’t Erase the History They Hate

The destruction of culture and history is running rampant in America. We see enemies of freedom taking it upon themselves… Read More

Chaz: A New Country in the Middle of a U.S. City?

A group of protesters have taken over a six-block area in the city of Seattle and claimed it as a… Read More

Antifa Martyrs

American cities burn and violence is rampant – all in the name of justice for one dead man: George Floyd…. Read More

A Closer Look at Antifa

During the recent riots, President Donald Trump blamed Antifa for the mayhem on America’s streets. The president announced that he… Read More

People Demand Justice for George Floyd

Protests are happening in cities across America after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer…. Read More