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Antifa Martyrs

Are Antifa members willing to die for the cause?

By:  |  June 11, 2020  |    503 Words
Antifa (Photo by Cory ClarkNurPhoto via Getty Images)

Antifa (Photo by Cory ClarkNurPhoto via Getty Images)

American cities burn and violence is rampant – all in the name of justice for one dead man: George Floyd. None can deny that his death was a tragedy and that protest against a police service that kills those it arrests is justified, but is that what we’re really seeing?

A Dangerous Game

When we see Antifa members protesting at the gates of the White House with heavily armed men and women on the other side, we should be asking ourselves a very simple question: Are these people actually trying to become martyrs?

We are used to hearing about this concept in Middle Eastern countries; the idea of martyrdom is a central part of Islamic jihad. The families of martyrs are honored, respected, and in many nations, given a pension as a “thank you payment.” But with that’s not the case with members of Antifa.


The term “martyr” is originally from the Greek word “martys,” meaning witness, as in one who brings testimony. In this sense, some of the first martyrs were the disciples of Jesus. Christians over the centuries became perhaps the most famous martyrs of all.

Under the Roman Empire, it was often certain death to say you were a Christian, but that didn’t stop believers. Those of the Christian faith were slaughtered, blamed for everything from fires to thefts, and made to hide their beliefs.

Using the Weak

Let’s step back into the Islamic world for a moment. For Islam, a martyr is someone who dies in the act of jihad. The individual Muslim believes there is a reward waiting for him or her after death. But these souls are manipulated by devious, cowardly men.

There are recruiters, often working out of local mosques, whose sole job is to find the lonely, the disaffected, and to turn them into weapons. Often terrorist bombers turn out to be former petty criminals with a history of drug use.

Those who have fallen into crime or drug dependency get taken in by these men who claim to serve the divine. They are told that if they become the weapon of Islam, their pain in this world will be over and that they will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Let’s look again at Antifa and what’s happening in American cities. Consider what could happen. If they present a big enough danger, they will be shot, and headlines all over the world will read about how young people have died on the lawn of the White House.

But do these Antifa rioters actually hope to die for their cause, or are they just being manipulated and used? If they are, we must ask two questions: Who is using them, and why?

If you want to know who the real extremists are, don’t look at the people rampaging through empty streets, expressing their angst on social media platforms. Look to those who see human life as nothing more than a tool to be wielded for their own despicable game.

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