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Afghanistan Faces a ‘Tsunami of Hunger’ Under the Taliban

The United States military left Afghanistan last summer, leaving the country ruled by the Taliban, an extreme Islamist group. Recently,… Read More

Private Rescue Missions in Afghanistan

United States Armed Forces have left Afghanistan – a country where the U.S. was at war for 20 years. After… Read More

US Military Has Left Afghanistan – But What About Those Left Behind?

After two decades at war, the United States military has finally left Afghanistan. President Joe Biden set August 31, 2021,… Read More

What Lies Ahead for Girls in a Taliban-Run Afghanistan?

Since the Taliban has regained power, the future for girls and women is more uncertain than ever in Afghanistan. For… Read More

The Taliban: A Militant Group Explained

As President Joe Biden pulled the American military out of Afghanistan, the Taliban almost immediately took over that country. But… Read More

Afghanistan: A Story of Power Struggles and Fallen Empires

After 20 years at war, the United States has pulled out of Afghanistan – but what exactly is the background… Read More

Thanksgiving Surprise: Trump’s Secret Trip to Visit the Troops

President Donald Trump surprised American troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. He secretly left the United States and showed up unannounced… Read More