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Articles by JoseBacker

Presidential Debates – Going for the Undecided Votes

Debate History Today, we see presidential debates as a big part of the election process. However, the debates are really… Read More

The US Government: Three Co-Equal Branches

Our federal government consists of three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. They are all described in the United States… Read More

Polls – How Reliable Are They?

For a long time, people have believed that the major polls indicated who was going to win in an election…. Read More

Mail-In Voting and the 2020 Election

The country has been trying to figure out how to hold the 2020 election in the midst of the Coronavirus… Read More

Trump v Biden: Two Speeches Reveal Very Different Candidates

Everyone knew it would end up this way, but now it’s official. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for president… Read More

Trump v Biden: What do Their Acceptance Speeches Reveal?

It’s official – Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the Republican and Democratic nominees for president in 2020. While the… Read More

The Vice Presidency: So Much More Than It Once Was

“I am Vice President. In this I am nothing, but I may be everything” – John Adams The role of… Read More

The Importance of Political National Conventions

Every four years, the major political parties in the United States – the Republicans and the Democrats – hold national… Read More

Is It Finally Time to Go Back to School?

Like most things in this Coronavirus pandemic, school closures have become a political topic of debate. At the same time,… Read More

Joe Biden Gets Closer to Choosing a Running Mate

Joe Biden is expected to enter the 2020 election and challenge Donald Trump for the presidency. While Biden has been… Read More

The Mask Debate: It’s All Political

Then and Now When Coronavirus first hit America, there was a lot of misinformation and debate regarding the use of… Read More

Supreme Court Rules on Religious Schools

Since private, religious schools started opening up across the nation in the 1800s, there has been an issue with government… Read More