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Afghanistan War Ends in Chaos

After 20 years of fighting, it looks like the Taliban are back in charge.

By:  |  August 16, 2021  |    492 Words

After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, the U.S. is finally leaving – but what is the result of the conflict?

The war began when an Islamic terrorist attack hit New York City on September 11, 2001 – two planes flew into the World Trade Center buildings. By the end of the year, the U.S. had responded to the attack by invading Afghanistan.

One goal was to defeat the Taliban – an extremist Islamic group that ruled the Middle Eastern country. The U.S. and its allies removed the Taliban from power, and supported a new Afghan government.

afghanistan war pixabay

Since 2001, the war has lasted for two decades and become very unpopular among Americans. In the end, President Joe Biden is the man who officially ended the conflict. In April, he announced that all United States forces would leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021 – the 20th anniversary of the event that started it all. He later changed the date to August 31.

Many Americans have called for the war to end, but now that it’s happening, President Biden is getting a lot of criticism for rushing and not preparing properly.

What’s Happening Now?

Since the U.S. has stopped giving support to the Afghan government, the country has not been strong enough to defend itself against the Taliban. As a result, the Taliban has quickly taken over many areas of the country and is poised to rule again.

President Ashraf Ghani fled as the Taliban entered the capital city of Kabul. The extremist group took over the Presidential Palace and declared the country’s new name to be the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The U.S. embassy in Kabul closed on Sunday, August 15, and the staff were taken to the airport. Other Americans are also being evacuated, and President Biden has sent in 8,000 soldiers to protect them. A lot of Afghans want to leave, too, since many don’t want to live under Taliban rule. This has caused chaos, as thousands of people arrived at the airport, hoping to leave on American planes. Many tried to board the planes, and some even tied themselves to the planes.

Some are calling the American exit from Afghanistan a big mistake and blaming President Biden for not planning properly. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called it an “embarrassment” that will last for decades.

Afghanistan women pixabayWhat Does the Future Hold for Afghanistan?

What will life be like in Afghanistan under the Taliban once again? First, the people will have to obey strict Islamic law. This means many freedoms and rights will be taken away. Things will probably change the most for females. Under the U.S. occupation, women and girls were allowed more freedoms, but this will stop under Taliban rule. Female students have already been turned away from their schools and told they may not be allowed to return. Others may have to give up their jobs.

Nillan, a 27-year-old woman who lives in Kabul, said, “It feels like time has stopped. Everything’s changed.”

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