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Revolutionary Women: America’s Founding Females

GettyImages-625141206 Revolutionary women
The Founding Fathers and their heroic actions helped form the United States, where freedoms are first
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Fun Facts About the Constitution

GettyImages-1340911380 Constitution
It’s Constitution Week, time to learn about and celebrate the founding documents that made the United
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Constitution Day – The First Day of Constitution Week

GettyImages-1210398861 Constitution sign
On September 17, 1787, after three months of debate, a majority of the delegates at the
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The Constitution: The Foundation of a Nation

The Constitution: The Foundation of a Nation
Before there was the United States, colonists lived in America but were still ruled by their
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Dogs Can Tell When Humans Make a Mistake, Says Study

GettyImages-1235270256 dog and girl
Dogs have always been a human’s best friend: they are loyal, playful, can whiff out explosives,
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What’s Going On With COVID-19?

GettyImages-1235231052 COVID vaccination
Nearly two years after the first COVID-19 cases were discovered, the virus is still affecting America
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9/11 Two Decades Later: The Heroes and Victims

GettyImages-1228528514 9-11 memorial
It is the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, a horrifying day where thousands lost their lives during
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America Remembers 9/11

GettyImages-1352022 World Trade Center Attacked By Terrorists
Never before in the history of the United States had a large-scale terrorist attack occurred on
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Biden Announces 6-Step COVID Plan

GettyImages-1339350158 Joe Biden
On Thursday, September 9, President Joe Biden announced a plan to deal with the spread of
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