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Articles by Kirsten Brooker

Jonathan: The World’s Oldest Living Tortoise

Tortoises are such amazing creatures! Not only can they live far longer than any other land animal, they also inspired… Read More

English Translations on French ID Cards? Some say ‘Non!’

“Because of language, man has access to the past and the future. He can express the true and the untrue…. Read More

Five Countries Agree: Nuclear War Must Be Avoided

What can you think of that is about the size of a minivan? While you may be able to come… Read More

U.S. Bans Products Linked to Uighur Slavery

The United States recently made it illegal to buy Chinese products that could be connected to slavery. China has been accused… Read More

Fireworks: The History and the Science

In America, fireworks are most famously used to celebrate Independence Day. However, the loud booms and colorful lights are associated… Read More

What is Advent?

Ah, Christmas, a magical time for family, tradition, and celebration. What comes to your mind when you think about Christmas?… Read More

Josephine Baker Honored as a Hero in France’s Pantheon

Andrew Bernstein once said, “Nothing is given to man on Earth – struggle is built into the nature of life,… Read More

A New Republic – Barbados Removes the Queen as the Head of State

As Americans, we celebrate our independence with pride every year on the Fourth of July. Our ancestors were the winners… Read More

La Niña Weather Patterns May Affect the US This Winter

Climate patterns have a big effect on our local weather. If your state is experiencing droughts or floods, or the… Read More