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Articles by Kirsten Brooker

Hydrogen – Is It the Fuel of Tomorrow?

Researchers and scientists worldwide are constantly working to find ways to make more efficient products – could the next big… Read More

Mount Kilimanjaro Gets Connected to the Internet

Imagine standing at the top of one of the world’s tallest mountains and pulling out your cell phone to post… Read More

The US Visits Taiwan Again – What Impact Will It Make?

US officials have recently been making trips to the Asian island of Taiwan. Three visits have happened recently: The first… Read More

Cold Showers and Hot Days: Europe Limits People’s Energy Use

As fighting continues between Russia and Ukraine, people around the world are feeling the effects of the war. The latest is… Read More

Hidden Art Is Being Discovered Around the World

Art has captivated audiences for eons. From paintings like the Mona Lisa to life-size statues, art expresses human feeling and… Read More

Buzz Aldrin Sells Jacket from the Moon Landing

Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin made history when they became the first and second people to walk on the… Read More

The Key to Ancient Egypt: Rosetta Stone 200 Years On

The Rosetta Stone was discovered 223 years ago. While the stone was found in July 1799, it wasn’t until 23… Read More

The Latest Supercomputer Is Breaking Speed Barriers

People may not realize that when they ask Siri for the weather forecast or to play their favorite song, artificial… Read More

Venice Makes a New Rule for Tourists – Will Other Cities Follow?

Tourism can have a lot of positive effects on a city or country. It helps bring money, supplies jobs, and… Read More

Texas Schools Spark Debate: What Should Kids Wear in Class?

Does it matter what students wear in the school environment? The debate surrounding school dress codes has gone on for… Read More

Scientists Say Household Chores Help Kids’ Brains

“Chore” may be the most dreaded word in a child’s home. Not many enjoy doing the dishes or running the… Read More

Finance Classes at School – A New Trend?

How much do young people need to know about money? When kids grow up they need to deal with finances,… Read More