“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it.”
– John Adams

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Lessons From MLK: No Peace, No Justice

If those who want racial justice want to succeed, they will have to cut ties with insurrectionists.
It has been common to see and hear in all… Continue Reading



The 20th Amendment: Shortening the Lame Duck Period

Thanks to the 20th Amendment, power changes hands much faster than it once did.
The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution might not seem… Continue Reading

Inflation: What Is It, and How Bad Is It?

Inflation is set to rise in the United States – but is that good or bad?
After the Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, Congress passed… Continue Reading

What’s Inflation and Is It a Normal Part of Society?

The United States is set to become an inflation nation, but what does that mean?
In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Congress passed multi-trillion-dollar… Continue Reading


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