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In Texas, the Border Crisis Fuels Support for Independence

The migrant crisis along the southern border is again bringing up the topic of Texas seceding from the union, and… Read More

Texas Declares Border Invasion – Can They Do That?

This week, Congress put the border skirmish between Texas and the Biden administration through the lens of our Constitution. While… Read More

Republicans Rally Behind Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Border

Despite a Supreme Court ruling that federal agents are allowed – for now – to cut the razor wire and… Read More

Bat Falcon Spotted in United States for the First Time

A small bird of prey, typically found in Central and South America, has been spotted in the deep south of… Read More

This Week in History: March 6-12

“History develops, art stands still.” ~ E.M. Forster March 6, 1836: Remember the Alamo In the 1800s, the area that… Read More

The Spill: The Safest – and Least Fun – Olympic Games?

The Long-Awaited Olympics Under Covid-19 Emergency Status The 2020 Olympics was postponed one year due to the pandemic. The Olympics… Read More