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The Political Origins of Columbus Day

Columbus Day celebrates an Italian explorer. Spain sent him to find a better trading route, but he was credited with… Read More

Which Way the Wind Blows: Straw Polls and US Elections

In the world of elections, groups often conduct surveys asking people what they think of issues or politicians. These questionnaires… Read More

Filibuster: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The filibuster is a tactic used in the U.S. Senate to delay decisions on a bill or other piece of… Read More

What is Social Media Doing to Our Society?

A Pew Research poll shows that most Americans believe social media has damaged our politics and society. To those familiar… Read More

Evil and The Political Divide

Political differences haven’t always caused such division between Americans. In recent history, Democrats and Republicans could debate ideas without hating… Read More

Winning the Presidency Isn’t as Easy as it Might Sound

The road to becoming the president of the United States is long and difficult – and typically expensive. Not every… Read More

The Spill: House Witnesses

Impeachment Testimonies: Could They Cost Trump the 2020 Election? The U.S. House of Representatives is trying to impeach President Donald… Read More