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Shanghai Under Strict Lockdown in ‘Zero-COVID’ China

As the United States moves on from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of China’s biggest cities is under a strict lockdown…. Read More

The Spill: Dream Tablet

Returning a Stolen Relic History is an important part of our present and future. It not only teaches us about… Read More

A New Kind of Sanctuary: Protecting Small Businesses

When we hear the term sanctuary city, we think of illegal immigration. But that’s not the case in California’s newest… Read More

Did Virginia Single Out Churchgoers?

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is facing a legal battle over the First Amendment, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has… Read More

Coronavirus Lockdown: Hard on Humans but Nice for Nature

While humans are shutting themselves indoors to avoid the Coronavirus, the animal kingdom is taking advantage of the extra roaming… Read More