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Trump Ordered Not to Mention Case Against Him – But Will It Last?

Federal District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan has issued a gag order against Donald J. Trump in the Washington, DC, case… Read More

Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty to New January 6 Charges

Former President Donald Trump appeared Thursday, August 3, before Magistrate Judge Moxila Upadhyaya, pleading not guilty on four new charges… Read More

LNGenZ Survey: What Was the Key Event of the Last 100 Years?

What was the most significant event of the last 100 years? That was the question Liberty Nation GenZ recently posed… Read More

The Spill: Trump at the Border

President Donald Trump Visits the US-Mexico Border Former President Trump visited the Rio Grande sector in Texas with other Republicans… Read More

The Story Behind the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The fighting between Israel and Palestine has been going on since World War II, though the origins can be traced… Read More

The Spill: A Border Farmer’s Trouble

“My Bad” a Farmer Relocates French/Belgium Border The border between France and Belgium was agreed upon after Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat… Read More

The Spill: The Star-Spangled Mavericks

Star-Spangled Banner in Sports The national anthem has been protested in sports for a long time, and now it’s back… Read More

The Spill: National Guard Gets the Boot?

The National Guard and the New Administration National Guard troops were ordered to leave the Capitol on Thursday last week… Read More

The Spill: A New Billionaire on Top

Elon Musk Richest Man in the World South African-born Elon Musk is now the world’s richest man. Musk, who co-founded and… Read More

The Spill: Nashville Bombing – Why Did It Happen?

Nashville Bombing Sparks Questions Christmas morning in Nashville, TN, began with a warning: “Evacuate now. There is a bomb. A… Read More

The Spill: Space Force Guardians

Guardians of The Galaxy? The Navy has sailors. The Army has soldiers. Now, it’s official: The Space Force has “guardians.”… Read More

Biden or Trump – Who Won?

A few days after the November 3 election, many have declared Joe Biden to be the winner, and the next… Read More