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Capitalism v Socialism: Which Is Best?

Capitalism has been raising the worldwide standard of living for years. Before the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the planet, the World Bank’s global… Read More

Coronavirus: Could Trump Now Be Immune?

President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he was immune to COVID-19. Twitter attached a warning saying that it “spread misleading… Read More

A New Kind of Sanctuary: Protecting Small Businesses

When we hear the term sanctuary city, we think of illegal immigration. But that’s not the case in California’s newest… Read More

Teens Around the World Make a Difference During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life and has disrupted normalcy. Social media is filled with funny memes… Read More

Why Is Food Being Thrown Out During the Pandemic?

In the middle of this pandemic, milk is poured down the drain, livestock is euthanized, and vegetables are plowed over…. Read More

Quarantine: It Worked Against Plague

If we look at the history of pandemics and fighting diseases, there may be one or two lessons we can… Read More

Coronavirus and Immunity

The Coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people worried about the dangers of getting infected. It’s easy to get scared,… Read More

Coronavirus Lockdown: Hard on Humans but Nice for Nature

While humans are shutting themselves indoors to avoid the Coronavirus, the animal kingdom is taking advantage of the extra roaming… Read More

Viruses: Just the Facts

When we get sick, it is often because a microbe – like bacteria or a virus – has entered our… Read More

A Tale Of Two Sacrifices – Part I

The word sacrifice is loaded with power – but does everyone fully understand what it means? A recent NBC/WSJ poll… Read More

Is the US Headed for Herd Immunity to Coronavirus?

A renowned German epidemiologist is calling for an end to the lockdowns and urging a shift toward the herd immunity… Read More

Southern States Are Reopening, With or Without Their Neighbors

America is finally beginning to open back up, and Governors in at least 17 states in the West, the Northeast,… Read More