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Richard Nixon: The Only President to Ever Resign

The 37th president of the United States is the only commander-in-chief to resign while in office. Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994)… Read More

China’s Crackdown on Video Games

How many hours per week should kids play video games – and should the government be able to make a… Read More

The Spill: Brood X Makes an Appearance

Brood X Cicadas Make a Rare Appearance Most Cicadas are annual insects – meaning they reappear each year, usually in… Read More

China v Hollywood: Money or Freedom?

How far is America willing to take political correctness and refrain from saying or doing anything that might offend someone,… Read More

Antifa and Black Lives Matter: The New Red Guard?

Throughout history, tyrannies have been built on a passionate youth searching for meaning through violence and dedication to a lethal… Read More

Why Is China Mailing Mysterious Boxes of Seeds Around the World?

Thousands of Americans in around 30 states are getting packs of seeds shipped directly from China – without ordering them…. Read More

President Trump Wants to Ban TikTok

Do you use TikTok? There’s talk that the video-sharing app could soon be banned in the United States – but… Read More

The Spill: Chinese Tensions

China and the U.S. Aren’t Getting Along The United States and China have not been on the best of terms… Read More

Chinese Uighurs – What Is Going On?

The U.S. government recently took measures against several Chinese government officials, and China retaliated by announcing sanctions against Representative Chris… Read More

The Spill: International Foot

Two Trade Deals – China and USMCA This week saw big news in terms of U.S. trade with other countries…. Read More

A Pro-Democracy Win In Hong Kong Election

Pro-democracy protests have been going on in Hong Kong for several months. Student demonstrations continue against new laws imposed by… Read More

The Spill: NBA Anger

Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Elevator to the Moon: Can We Build… Read More