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Capitalism v Socialism: Which Is Best?

Capitalism has been raising the worldwide standard of living for years. Before the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the planet, the World Bank’s global… Read More

Is the Youth of America Moving Farther Left?

It has been said that if you are not a socialist before you are 25, you have no heart; if… Read More

Free Markets: How Do They Work and Does the US Have One?

Liberty Nation GenZ  believes in educating young Americans about the U.S. and its Constitution. This high school lesson plan can be used in… Read More

Capitalism: Making People More Equal

Some say that capitalism leads to a greater gap between the rich and the poor, but the middle class didn’t… Read More

Capitalism vs Socialism: How Much Should the Government Control?

Right now, debate rages across the United States between people who favor socialism and those who prefer a free market… Read More