The Progressive Revolution

Progressivism has unseated the Founders’ vision as America’s fundamental political philosophy.
Written by Collin Lehmann. Although political scientists have long understood… Continue Reading

America’s Party Problem

America’s political parties have become a problem – but can this issue be solved?
Written by Stephen Iovino. We have a party problem in… Continue Reading

The Foundation of America is Cracked

The Constitution is supposed to be the solid foundation of our nation – not a “living document” to be changed whenever convenient.
Written by Chase DeGuido. The United States of America is… Continue Reading

The Value of Life

One thing we have always valued as a nation is upholding virtue.
Written by Sara Grundvig. The Russian novel Crime and Punishment by… Continue Reading

Gerrymandering: A Corruption Republicans and Democrats Have in Common

This corrupt practice violates the rights of the people – and both major parties are guilty.
Written by Jackson Roberts. Our nation is built on the… Continue Reading