Warren G. Harding: Getting the Government Out of Business

Harding campaigned on “Less government in business and more business in government.”
Warren G. Harding (1865-1923) was the 29th president of the… Continue Reading

Jackie Robinson: Paving the Way for Black Athletes

Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers defied segregation.
Jackie Robinson is one of the most important figures of… Continue Reading

The Star-Spangled Banner: America’s Battle Flag

The Star-Spangled Banner is so much more than a song – it’s the flag that inspired the anthem.
The Star-Spangled Banner is not just the name of our… Continue Reading

Presidents’ Day: A Time to Examine the Presidents, Old and New

There’s nothing new about political drama from the White House.
It’s Presidents’ Day, a day set aside each year to… Continue Reading

The Star-Spangled Banner: More Than Just a Song

Francis Scott Key was inspired after witnessing the flag – and Fort McHenry – survive a 25-hour bombardment.
The Star-Spangled Banner is more than just a song sung… Continue Reading

Secretary of Defense: The President’s Chief Military Adviser

The president is the commander in chief, but the secretary of defense handles the day-to-day military affairs.
The president of the United States serves a variety of… Continue Reading

A World United? A Look at the History of the United Nations

Peace, security, and friendship – A brief history of the United Nations.
Since the end of the Second World War, the United… Continue Reading

Segregation: Keeping Black People out of White Society

American slavery ended in 1865, but segregation lived on.
Segregation means keeping things or people separate. In United States… Continue Reading

Woodrow Wilson: A President Both for and Against Equality

President Wilson fought for the equal rights of women – but against equal rights for blacks.
Woodrow Wilson (1856 -1924) became the 28th president of the… Continue Reading

How Millennials Broke the Market With GameStop

Millennial investors may have transformed financial markets with their “to the moon” approach to GameStop stocks.
In something out of a Hollywood comedy, a bunch of… Continue Reading

What Is the US Secretary of State’s Role?

The secretary of state wears many hats.
Diplomacy and foreign affairs are essential parts of running a… Continue Reading

What Is the Filibuster and Why Is It Used?

It came about by accident – but it has been a favorite tool of both parties ever since.
At any given point, members of Congress can be locked… Continue Reading

America Rejoins the Paris Climate Accord – What Is It?

After the former president left the Paris Climate Accord, the new president rejoined. What is it anyway?
As one of his first acts in the Oval Office,… Continue Reading

Executive Orders: What They Are and How They’re Used

The most common presidential action has the force of law.
One of the most common “presidential” documents in our modern… Continue Reading

How Are the World’s Coronavirus Vaccines Progressing?

The pharmaceutical industry has produced more than just three COVID-19 vaccines.
The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the global economy, killed close… Continue Reading

Presidential Inaugurations: Swearing in a New Leader

This tradition has led to a series of historical controversies.
Inauguration Day is the time set to swear in and… Continue Reading

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: The Long Road to Honor

Those who wanted Martin Luther King, Jr. honored struggled for years to make it happen.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of America's most… Continue Reading

Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Giant Among Men

Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated as a champion of equal rights for all.
No name is more synonymous with the American Civil RightsContinue Reading

How Does the 25th Amendment Work?

It was never intended as a partisan weapon.
The Constitution was designed to address a variety of different… Continue Reading

William Taft: The Reluctant President

Taft never wanted to be president – his great love was the judiciary.
William Taft (1857-1930) was the 27th president of the United… Continue Reading

President Trump Impeached For Second Time

President Trump impeached again after Capitol protest.
On January 13, 2021, President Trump became the first U.S.… Continue Reading

Clearing the Confusion on Impeachment

Many people misunderstand the meaning of impeachment.
Events in American politics have sown confusion on the process… Continue Reading

The Press and American Freedom

The press is separate from the government – but it’s vital for a free state.
While it isn’t a part of the government, the press… Continue Reading

NATO: The History and the Future

NATO has been around for seven decades – will it last another?
The first half of the 20th century in Europe saw… Continue Reading

The Liberty Bell: Proclaiming Liberty Throughout All the Land

The Liberty Bell is one of the nation’s iconic symbols of freedom.
The Liberty Bell is one of America’s iconic symbols of… Continue Reading

Democrats Gain Lawmaking Control

One political party is set to control both the White House and Congress.
Two major questions have been settled in U.S. politics over… Continue Reading

Presidential Pardons: The Whys, Hows, and Whos

Who’s getting the pardons and why?
President Donald Trump recently pardoned more than 20 people, but… Continue Reading

Biden Officially Declared Next US President

Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States.
On January 6, Congress certified the vote to make Joe… Continue Reading

Chaotic Scenes At Congress

Protesters breach Capitol building, halting vote count.
January 6 was set to be a big day for… Continue Reading

Electoral College: Counting the Votes and Settling Disputes

Joe Biden won a majority of electoral votes, so what happens now?
Now that the electoral college has chosen former Vice President… Continue Reading

New California – The 51st State?

New California may have found the recipe for solving political polarization.
A group of enthusiasts has been slowly and steadily working… Continue Reading

Presidential Elections, Then and Now

The way we elect the president has changed a bit since the birth of the nation.
Every four years, the United States goes through another presidential… Continue Reading

New Year Resolutions: An Ancient Tradition

Promising to do better in the new year dates back to the Roman days.
Welcoming in a new year is a good time to… Continue Reading

New Year Traditions Around the Globe

Traditions and superstitions for welcoming the new year.
As we say goodbye to 2020, a strange year with… Continue Reading

Auld Lang Syne – What’s It About, Anyway?

Rabbie Burns, New Years, and the most famous song that “nobody knows.”
Christmas carols are a dime a dozen, but only one… Continue Reading

Rand Paul’s Festivus for US Taxpayers

This senator has published an annual report looking at how the government wastes tax dollars.
Politicians in charge of the public purse engage in lots… Continue Reading

Why Do We Need the Electoral College?

Some want to get rid of the electoral college. But is this a good idea?
People have been arguing about whether the United States should… Continue Reading

From Saints to Shopping: Boxing Day – A British Perspective

A holdover from days long gone or a reinvented celebration of giving?
The second day of Christmas has a history attached to… Continue Reading

Poetry And Tradition At Christmas

Exploring changing Christmas traditions through literature and verse.
Christmas is an old and a young holiday – Christians… Continue Reading

The Tale of the Christmas Tree

Why do we bring evergreens inside and decorate them?
In today’s modern holiday traditions, the Christmas tree is a… Continue Reading

How Churches Are Coping at Christmas

Celebrating Christmas during a pandemic is a challenge and some churches have had to get creative.
The COVID pandemic hit the country hard. Businesses have shut… Continue Reading

Saint Nicholas of Myra: The Real Santa Claus

There really was a Santa Claus, and his name was Nicholas.
Every Christmas, millions of children are expecting presents from Santa… Continue Reading

Pagan or Christian: The Origin of Christmas

Why do we celebrate Christmas as we do?
Originally, what we call Christmas today had its root in… Continue Reading

Christmas Caroling and the Benefits to Mental Health

Could singing Christmas carols be the answer to growing mental health problems?
‘Tis the season for Christmas caroling at the top of… Continue Reading

In Defense Of Ebenezer Scrooge

Is Ebenezer Scrooge an evil capitalist, or a victim?
It’s that time of year again when the family watches… Continue Reading

Meet the 538: Who Are America’s Electors?

Despite having the honor of choosing the president every four years, the Electoral College isn’t well understood by many Americans.
The Electoral College is one of America’s top political discussion… Continue Reading

The Herodium: Herod’s Palace Revealed

Israel plans to open Herod the Great’s palace to the public, just in time for Christmas.
Just in time for Christmas, Israeli authorities are getting ready… Continue Reading

The Oft Forgotten Third Amendment

The Third Amendment protects Americans from having to quarter soldiers in their homes – but does it work?
Rarely in conversation or political debate do people reference the… Continue Reading

The Debate Over the Black National Anthem

This song is the subject of controversy – but what is its story?
A piece of American history received national attention again during… Continue Reading

Capitalism: The System That Prevents Poverty

What is this economic system that has lifted more people out of poverty than anything else in the last 200 years?
Has there been a more effective system in human history… Continue Reading

The Christmas Season Becomes More Dangerous for Christians Worldwide

We take our religious freedom for granted sometimes, but not everyone is as lucky.
Regardless of one’s beliefs about God, the holiday season is… Continue Reading

Is The US Constitution A Living Or Static Document?

Which school do you belong to: the originalists or those who favor a living Constitution?
One discussion that comes around near elections is the U.S.… Continue Reading

California Schools Ban Legacy Literature

Is banning books the answer to our modern issues? History might have the answer.
One of the most sacred rites of academic passage for… Continue Reading

Theodore Roosevelt: The Progressive Republican

Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican, but he was more progressive than most.
Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (1858 -1919) became the 26th president of… Continue Reading

What is Black Friday? It’s More Than Shopping Madness

Is Black Friday more than fights at an electronics store over 10% off toasters?
What do you call the day after Thanksgiving? For households… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving: A Day for Appreciation

After a long campaign, Thanksgiving finally became a national holiday.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family,… Continue Reading

A Literary Thanksgiving

A collection of poems for Thanksgiving.
One of the overlooked aspects of Thanksgiving is that the… Continue Reading

The Great Gift of Gratitude

Gratefulness breeds happiness, but the trick is expressing it.
Imagine that you have just finished wrapping a present for… Continue Reading

Turkey: The Bird of Thanksgiving – But Why?

When did we start eating turkeys at Thanksgiving, and why?
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and with that knowledge comes thoughts of… Continue Reading

Tripping Over the Political Roots of Thanksgiving

The abundant history of the annual harvest holiday.
The Pilgrims and Native Americans did not invent Thanksgiving, but… Continue Reading

Gratitude: Forgotten but Good for You

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to assess your gratitude attitude.
Gratitude suffers from a severe lack of exposure. Since the… Continue Reading

Election Decisions and Dilemmas

Many things can go wrong in elections, and not everything is fixed quickly.
In the wake of the contested 2020 election, many questions… Continue Reading

The President’s Cabinet and What It Does

While the president is the chief executive, members of Cabinet run much of the day to day administration.
As the head of the executive branch, the president must… Continue Reading

The Foreign Policy Doctrines from US History

With the Trump Doctrine coming to an end, what other doctrines were there?
While foreign policy did not dominate the 2020 U.S. presidential… Continue Reading

Is Social Media Destroying American Politics?

Can we dial back the online hate – or have we passed the point of no return?
A Pew Research poll reveals that most Americans believe social… Continue Reading

America Needs Blockchain Elections

Election integrity is vital to avoid future chaos.
The chaos and irregularities of the 2020 election prove that… Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Did Pfizer find a cure for the global coronavirus pandemic?
Nearly a year after the first coronavirus case was confirmed… Continue Reading

American Election Controversies: This Isn’t a New Thing

This isn’t the first U.S. election to have these problems.
Despite our identity as a democratic constitutional republic, the United… Continue Reading

Court Packing – Meaning and Goals

Court packing is in the news recently, but what exactly is it, and how is it done?
Article III of the Constitution created the United States Supreme… Continue Reading

Some Veterans Who May Surprise You

Veterans come from all walks of life – here are some you may recognize.
Veterans Day is a time to honor and remember past… Continue Reading

Joe Biden Won the Election – Or Did He?

Biden was declared winner by the media, but there are still votes to count.
A few days after the November 3 election, many have… Continue Reading

Voter Turnout and Why It Matters

Voting is a right most American adults have – but not everyone chooses to use.
Voter turnout is seen as critically important for elections, but… Continue Reading

Confusion Reigns Supreme Over Election Count

The count continues - but it is already under fire.
Election Day may have been November 3rd, but a few… Continue Reading

Election Day 2020: Who Will Be the Next President?

America has a decision to make about the next four years.
November 3, 2020 is Election Day in the United States.… Continue Reading

Presidential Elections and State Politics

What are the blue states, red states, and swing states we hear so much about, and how do they decide our presidents?
Around election time, states are typically called "blue" or "red."… Continue Reading

The Top Five Reasons to Vote for Your Candidate

Who would you pick: Biden, Trump, or third-party candidate?
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are competing to become the… Continue Reading

Halloween: What’s It All About?

What started as a way to honor the dead has changed into the modern fun we now have.
Halloween wasn’t always the fun, carefree event it is today.… Continue Reading

Halloween Around the World: A Look at Other Traditions

Not everyone dresses up and asks for candy!
When you think of Halloween, you probably envision spooky costumes,… Continue Reading

Ghosts of the White House

Over the years, many former residents have allegedly been seen haunting their old home.
“My dear Clara, it seems that the White House is… Continue Reading

The Economics of a COVID-19 Halloween

Trick-or-treating might be canceled this year, but Halloween is still going on.
Is it going to be a bone-chilling Halloween for retailers,… Continue Reading

Amy Coney Barrett: Another Originalist for SCOTUS

Who is President Trump’s latest SCOTUS pick, and what is an originalist?
After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on September… Continue Reading

Salem Witch Trials: When Being Called a Witch Meant Death

Being a witch for Halloween can be fun – but there was a time when that was a label to avoid.
Dressing up as a witch for Halloween is popular among… Continue Reading

Important Debate Moments That Changed Elections

Although presidential debates have been downplayed as useless when it comes to voting, moments in the past show quite the opposite.
Although the trend in presidential debates is that they don't… Continue Reading

The State of Economies in Election Years

What was the state of the U.S. economy in election years this century?
Every election cycle, it is always the economy, stupid. Come Election… Continue Reading

Anti-Trump Homework Essay Inspires Student to Become the Teacher

An Illinois college professor gets a lesson in diversity of opinion.
Are universities and other educational institutions politically biased? There is… Continue Reading

Coronavirus Confusion: Is the President Immune Now, or Not?

Trump says he’s now immune to COVID-19. Twitter says he isn’t. So who is right?
President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he was immune to… Continue Reading

Voting Basics – How Democracy Works

Voting is considered a fundamental right in the United States, but how does it work?
Voting is a right – and according to many, a… Continue Reading

Using Violence to Silence? College Students Say Yes

Poll suggests college students increasingly believe protest violence is justified.
A poll by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education,… Continue Reading

Untangling The Legal Lexicon For Barrett Hearings

Want a guide to the legal terms-of-art thrown around the hearing room? We’ve got you covered.
With millions of Americans tuning in to watch Amy Coney… Continue Reading

Everything You Want to Know About the Econ Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded. So, what is it all about anyway?
In recent years, the young generation has shown an incredible… Continue Reading

What Makes a Good Moderator in a Presidential Debate?

A good moderator should moderate, not escalate.
Before an election, the nominees for president usually go head-to-head… Continue Reading

Christopher Columbus: The Failed Explorer Who Found America

Columbus had the right idea – if only his math hadn’t been so wrong.
Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492, but it… Continue Reading

Voting Methods: A Breakdown

How do we choose what voting methods work and what should be changed?
The right to vote is considered one of our fundamental… Continue Reading

The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World

Built as a gift to commemorate the Declaration of Independence centennial, this gift from France symbolizes freedom in America.
The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American freedom.… Continue Reading

How the United States Supreme Court Works

The Court has had nine judges, or justices, since the 1800s.
The United States Supreme Court is the ultimate decision-maker when… Continue Reading

Rundown on Elections

Presidential elections draw the most attention and voter turnout, but what’s the bigger picture?
Every four years, America holds a new presidential election. Political… Continue Reading

President Trump and His COVID Recovery

Trump caught the Coronavirus but continues his duties.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania have both tested… Continue Reading

Cancel Culture – Origins and Weaponization

Cancel culture is more common than ever before, but how did it begin, and do its roots go back further than we think?
At its essence, cancel culture is simply a form of… Continue Reading

Scientists Ask If There’s Life on Venus

We need a space mission to Venus to see if there is life.
When we think about whether there could be life elsewhere… Continue Reading

Alarming American Attitudes About 2020 Election

Will every election from now on be deemed rigged?
A recent survey reveals some alarming attitudes among Americans regarding… Continue Reading

Presidential Debates – Making or Breaking Campaigns

With the 2020 presidential debates coming up, what can we expect to see by looking at history?
Many voters look forward to the presidential debates every four… Continue Reading

Survey Finds Millennials and Gen Z Lack Knowledge of the Holocaust

Do the schools need to do a better job of education youth about history?
Between 1941 and 1945, Nazi Germany, German-occupied Europe, and collaborators… Continue Reading

Free Speech – A Life and Death Matter

Considering how far the radicals will go to silence dissenting opinion, truth-telling is a real act of courage.
There are certain things that, in today’s climate, you just… Continue Reading

One Nation, Three Branches of Government

The American Constitution gave us the foundation, but what are the responsibilities of these branches today?
Our federal government consists of three branches: the legislative, executive,… Continue Reading

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Feminist Icon

In her many years on the high court and before, RBG fought for equality between the sexes.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at 87 years… Continue Reading

What’s Inflation and Is It a Normal Part of Society?

The United States is set to become an inflation nation, but what does that mean?
In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Congress passed multi-trillion-dollar… Continue Reading

The 20th Amendment: How Long Does a Lame Duck Need?

With the 20th Amendment, outgoing politicians don’t have quite as long to move out as they once did.
What is so important about the 20th Amendment to the… Continue Reading

Polls – Scientific Predictions or Basic Guesses?

Polls often make or break political campaigns. How reliable are they, and what does history show us?
Polls have long been considered the mathematical equivalent of “make… Continue Reading

Lessons From MLK: No Peace, No Justice

If those who want racial justice want to succeed, they will have to cut ties with insurrectionists.
It has been common to see and hear in all… Continue Reading

The Right to Federal Funding: Is It Constitutionally Protected?

Trump threatens the funding of states that refuse to stop the riots, and NY plans to sue.
President Trump wants to cut funding to states that will… Continue Reading

9/11 Then and Now: From Patriots to Protesters

Nearly 20 years later, the lessons of Sept. 11, 2001 are all but forgotten.
On September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers went up… Continue Reading

China v Hollywood – The Almighty Yuan

What’s more important: free speech or Chinese money?
How far is America willing to take political correctness and… Continue Reading

Athens: What It Takes to Build a Successful Society

Protesting and rioting is easy – actually building a better society takes work.
America has seen many protests in recent weeks, and there… Continue Reading

How Mail-In Voting Will Impact the 2020 Election

Controversy has been brewing over the realities of universal mail-in voting as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s the risk?
The country has been trying to figure out how to… Continue Reading

Apple and Tesla Split – What Is a Stock Split?

Does it really make the company more affordable to investors?
What a difference six months make in the stock market.… Continue Reading

McGuire Or Maguire? Whoever Gave Us Labor Day, Thank You!

Some folks say Peter J. McGuire started Labor Day and others give Matthew Maguire the credit.
For many Americans, Labor Day is a much-appreciated three-day weekend,… Continue Reading

Is Toxic Media to Blame for the Political Divide?

Americans no longer trust journalists to give them the news without bias.
The number-crunching pollsters at Gallup are saying 86% of respondents… Continue Reading

Mao’s Red Guard and Today’s Young Protesters

Today’s protests are nothing new – we’ve seen this thought policing before.
Throughout history, tyrannies have been built on a passionate youth… Continue Reading

Slavery: It’s as Old as Civilization Itself

Slavery has been around since the earliest civilizations – and it still exists today.
From the earliest civilizations, people have taken others as slaves.… Continue Reading

Trump v Biden: What do Their Acceptance Speeches Reveal?

What kind of future did the two candidates promise to the American people?
It’s official – Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the… Continue Reading

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: What’s This All About, Anyway?

When two peoples call the same land home, conflict is bound to occur.
President Donald Trump recently announced a peace agreement with Israel… Continue Reading

To Concede or Not? That Is the 2020 Question

In 2016, Clinton was all about conceding – what changed?
Hillary Clinton has recently told Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden… Continue Reading

Black Americans and the Police: What Do They Really Want?

Black Lives Matter claims that the black community wants the police defunded – but a new poll reveals the truth.
The movement to “defund the police” is gaining popularity –… Continue Reading

War and Peace: Ending Conflict Once and For All

What can the two world wars teach us about conflict and bullies?
History is full of war all over the world in… Continue Reading

Is the Time Right for Schools to Reopen?

Misinformation and panic take control of the debate, but not all the data comes to the same conclusion.
For the last few months, policymakers have debated one another… Continue Reading

Political National Conventions and Why They Matter

What goes on at national conventions, and why are they considered critical for America’s political parties?
Officially, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are presidential nominating… Continue Reading

Prohibition: A Failed Experiment in Social Control

For years, various groups thought that outlawing alcohol would make people behave better. They were wrong.
Alcohol is highly regulated in the United States today, but… Continue Reading

Lewis and Clark: The Fathers of Westward Expansion

Had the Lewis and Clark expedition never mapped the west, the nation would probably look much different today.
When the United States acquired the Louisiana Territory from France… Continue Reading

The Economics of Kamala Harris

If Biden wins, Harris could end up president – what would that mean for the economy?
Should former Vice President Joe Biden win the presidential election… Continue Reading

Will Kamala Harris’ Past Help or Hinder Biden?

Kamala overcame her controversial past to join the Senate, but can she handle national scrutiny as Biden’s running mate?
Kamala Harris, the junior senator from California, has been chosen… Continue Reading

The Founding Cities of the West

Western civilization started in Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome.
Did you know that “democracy” comes from Greek and means… Continue Reading

Trump’s Pardon: Susan B. Anthony Remembered

“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.” - Susan B. Anthony
August 18 marks 100 years since the ratification of the… Continue Reading

The Vote That Saved Suffrage

In 1920, the right for women to vote hinged on a single man in Tennessee. He listened to his mother, and the rest is history.
In the United States, the right to vote is shared… Continue Reading

The 19th Amendment and Women’s Suffrage

Women fought for nearly 100 years before winning the right to vote.
“Everybody counts in applying democracy. And there will never be… Continue Reading

Remembering Victory Over Japan, 75 Years Later

75 years ago, Japan surrendered, ending WWII – but peace came at a terrible price.
December 7, 1941, started out like any other Sunday at… Continue Reading

Kamala Harris – Biden’s New Running Mate

Harris is the first woman of color to be named on a presidential ticket.
The Democrats’ presidential candidate Joe Biden has finally announced who… Continue Reading

Joe Biden Has a Plan for Taxes

The former vice president plans on some big spending if he wins the 2020 election.
Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to spend a lot… Continue Reading

The Biden Ticket Nears Completion

Who is on Joe Biden’s shortlist of potential VP picks, and what will each provide to his campaign?
Joe Biden is likely to be the Democrat who challenges… Continue Reading

The Mask Debate: Politicized and Without True Consensus

Health precautions have become politicized in our era of political polarization, why is this the case?
Then and Now Early into the onset of the COVID-19… Continue Reading

China Sends Mysterious Seeds Around the World

Why are people getting these packets, and what should they do about it?
Thousands of Americans in around 30 states are getting packs… Continue Reading

TikTok – Ban or No Ban?

President Trump wants to ban TikTok – but will it happen?
Do you use TikTok? There’s talk that the video-sharing app… Continue Reading

Supreme Court, School Choice, and Separation of Church and State

Espinoza v. Montana (2020) overturns the law of the land, blurring the lines of the separation of church and state.
The issue of government funding of private, religious schools has… Continue Reading

Portland: Battleground of Protesters and the Trump Administration

How did the conflict between federal officers and protesters in Portland begin, and what will it mean for the future?
Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020,… Continue Reading

How Coronavirus Has Taken Us Back to the Future

Could a comeback of Americana set us on a better course?
At a recent birthday celebration, someone asked: “What is one… Continue Reading

The Birth of Fake News

What does the ancient Persian Empire have to do with today’s news?
What does the rise of the Persian Empire 2000 years… Continue Reading

Socialism Keeps Africa In Perpetual Poverty

Why is Africa so poor? Is it because of colonial history, or current economics?
Why is Africa still mostly poor? Some suggest the ghost… Continue Reading

The Education Debate: Public v Private School

The great American education fight.
Conflict between public schools and private schools has existed for… Continue Reading

Crime and Trust: A Case Study

America vs. Singapore: Two countries, two systems.
Most people lock their doors, which helps them keep safe.… Continue Reading

The Spill: Operation Legend

Weekly news you can use.
Violence and Federal Officers on City Streets This week, President… Continue Reading

Nevada: The Battle Born State

Nevada was one of two states to join the Union during the Civil War.
Nevada became the 36th state of the Union on October… Continue Reading

What’s Happening to the Uighurs in China?

Is a modern-day holocaust happening right before our eyes?
The U.S. government recently slapped visa bans and asset freezes… Continue Reading

Trump’s Campaign Shakeup Focuses on Election Day

As Trump’s campaign undergoes some much-needed updates, how will this change his 2020 hopes?
With the November election only a few months away, the… Continue Reading

Trump V. Biden: Can the Polls Be Trusted?

Political polling may not be reliable.
President Donald Trump has fallen recently in national polls, and… Continue Reading

The Many Evils of Presentism

History – all of it, the sacred and profane – guides us toward making better decisions for the future.
As the radical left endeavors to remove American history piece… Continue Reading

Trump Plants the Seed for a National Garden of American Heroes

What better place for a tribute to American greats than under the gaze of the Mount Rushmore presidents?
President Trump, on July 3, issued the Executive Order on… Continue Reading

William McKinley: The President Who Freed Cuba

The American people demanded a war to free Cuba from Spanish rule – and McKinley won it for them.
William McKinley (1843-1901) was the 25th president of the United… Continue Reading

Cultural Appropriation: Are Some Cultures Off Limits?

Has culture become a weapon of the oppressor while remaining a tool for the disadvantaged?
America has been considered a melting pot of race, ethnicity,… Continue Reading

Why Should We Go to Mars?

Mars could be the first step to the stars.
Imagine living on the South Pole. It would be freezing,… Continue Reading

Louisiana Purchase: How the West Was Won

The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States and drove the westward push to the Pacific.
By the time Thomas Jefferson became the third U.S. president… Continue Reading

Nebraska: The Flat Water State

The Platte River flows through Nebraska and is often described as a mile wide and an inch deep.
Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, didn’t join the Union until two… Continue Reading

Separation of Church and State: An Ever-Evolving Tenet of Our Society

The separation of church and state is a foundational characteristic of our republic.
Origins In the early 17th century, thousands of English Puritans… Continue Reading

BLM Should Learn a Thing or Two From the Anarchists of 1919

What do the anarchists of 1919 and the Marxists leading Black Lives Matter have in common? Quite a lot.
The voices of those at the helm of Black Lives… Continue Reading

Benjamin Harrison: A Fighter for Equal Rights

While William Henry Harrison had been known as an Indian fighter, his grandson Benjamin fought for equal rights.
Benjamin Harrison (1833 – 1901), the 23rd president of the… Continue Reading

School Choice: America’s Proposed Education Solution

Is school choice America’s chance at education equality for the future?
What Is ‘School Choice’? School choice refers to the right… Continue Reading

Montana: An Ironically Named State

Montana means “mountainous region,” but it has the lowest elevation of any Rocky Mountain state.
Montana entered the Union as the 41st state on November… Continue Reading

Grover Cleveland: The Guardian President

Cleveland used his veto power more than any other president in history aside from FDR.
Stephen Grover Cleveland (1837 – 1908) was the 22nd president… Continue Reading

Police Reform: A Last-Minute Buzzword for the 2020 Election

Will members of Congress work together to fix policing – or vilify each other for votes?
Americans on both sides of the aisle demand solutions in… Continue Reading

The Declaration of Independence You Probably Never Knew

There was so much more to the idea of a free America than the final draft shows.
When the leaders of the British colonies in America decided… Continue Reading

Independence Day: A Few Lesser-Known Historical Details

The dispute over the date, the Liberty Bell custom, and more.
In April 1775, clashes between colonial militiamen and British troops… Continue Reading

DACA Dilemma: The Pawn in Immigration Reform

How Dreamers became America’s most significant immigration concern.
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Reconstruction: Trying to Rebuild a Broken Nation

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What Kinds of Protest are Protected in the U.S.?

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USMCA Trade Pact is Born

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Missouri: Home of Mark Twain

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Chester A. Arthur: From Distrusted to Respected

“No man ever entered the Presidency so profoundly and widely distrusted, and no one ever retired … more generally respected.”
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Attacking Statues: Trump Vs Protesters

Monument vandals: Are they protesters or criminals?
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