The Spill: TED’s Youngest Talker

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TED Talks Welcome Youngest Presenter Ever Molly Wright is a second-grade student from Queensland, Australia. She… Continue Reading

The Spill: Fishy Tales from Minnesota

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A Real Big Fish Story in Minnesota Officials in Burnsville, Minnesota, are worried about giant fish… Continue Reading

Mt. Rushmore: A Monument to Four Presidents

The faces carved into a mountain and how they got there.
Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota is the iconic symbol where four presidents’ faces are carved into… Continue Reading

The Spill: The Edge of Space

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To Infinity and Beyond Riding on a new “spaceplane,” Sir Richard Branson flew to the edge… Continue Reading

The Spill: A Pilfered Picasso Returned

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Picasso and Mondrian Recovered After almost ten years missing, two priceless works of art have been… Continue Reading

The History of Independence Day

From the Declaration of Independence to today.
In April 1775,  colonial militiamen and British troops fought in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, starting the… Continue Reading

How Fibonacci Changed Math Forever

Who was Leonardo Fibonacci, and why was his work so important?
Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1240) may have been the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages. He… Continue Reading