The Spill: Social Distancing at Easter

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Easter and Palm Sunday in the Year of Coronavirus With Easter around the corner, people are… Continue Reading

Coronavirus Brings Back Orange Juice

Many believe the vitamin C will help them avoid Coronavirus – even though the science doesn’t show that.
Orange juice is back on the table in American homes. Recently, many people have stopped drinking… Continue Reading

Can We End the Coronavirus Pandemic Soon?

What treatments or vaccines might finally stop Coronavirus?
As the number of Coronavirus cases rises, researchers look for a cure. While scientists try out… Continue Reading

Social Distancing is Boring, but It Used to Be Worse

Years ago, quarantine didn’t leave much of anything to pass the time.
The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to practice social distancing to help prevent the spread of… Continue Reading

The Spill: Autism Awareness

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It’s Autism Awareness Week This week is Autism Awareness Week. It is a time for the… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update: Social Distancing Must Last a Little Longer

The president believes we can begin recovery by June 1.
To help slow or stop the spread of Coronavirus, President Trump has advised Americans not to… Continue Reading

What Will Education Look Like After Coronavirus?

Will students return to the classroom, or is online education the future?
Social distancing and closing of schools during the Coronavirus outbreak have forced many students to study… Continue Reading

The Evolution of Hygiene

Hygiene is crucial to avoiding Coronavirus and other illnesses.
Throughout history there have been different notions on personal cleanliness. Thousands of years ago, people used… Continue Reading

The Spill: Little Foot

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An Evolutionary Discovery Nearly 3.7 million years ago, an Australopithecus (pronounced a-struh-luh-pi-thuh-kuhs) named Little Foot fell… Continue Reading

Pandemics in the U.S. – A History

Science is helping to stop the Coronavirus, but what about diseases of the past?
The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of confusion as states order people to stay at… Continue Reading

Coronavirus: The Science

Many people don’t know they’re infected, and so the disease spreads much faster than most.
All around the world, people are worried about the Coronavirus that came from Wuhan, China. How… Continue Reading

Coronavirus: It’s Dangerous to Everyone

Even young, healthy people can get sick.
There has been a lot of talk about Coronavirus and how it may or may not… Continue Reading

What Are Epidemics and Pandemics?

The difference is a matter of scale.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a lot of worry around the world as more people become infected.… Continue Reading

The Spill: An Irish Day

Weekly news you can use.
A Quiet St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday, March 17, marked the Irish celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.… Continue Reading

The Republican Party: How It Started and What It Means

The Republican Party was started to end slavery.
Often called the Grand Old Party or the GOP, the Republican Party is one of two… Continue Reading

Coronavirus: What Is It?

Coronavirus is a dangerous illness, but knowing a few facts will help you stay safe.
You have probably heard that a new disease sweeping the world - but what is the… Continue Reading

States Are Closing Businesses over Coronavirus

Can the government shut down private businesses? Should it?
President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency over the Coronavirus pandemic. The emergency declaration gave… Continue Reading

Trump Versus Coronavirus

The president’s plan to stop COVID-19.
President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday, March 11, to tell Americans what he is doing… Continue Reading

The Democratic Party: What is It?

Who are the Democrats?
The Democratic Party is one of the two main political parties in the United States today.… Continue Reading

The Spill: 2020 CD3 in Orbit

Weekly news you can use.
Earth Gains a New Moon The Earth has a new moon, but it probably won’t hang… Continue Reading

Minnesota Nice

Visiting the North Star State.
Minnesota became the 32nd state to join the Union on May 11, 1858. Its nicknames are… Continue Reading

James A. Garfield: The 20th President

James A. Garfield was elected president in 1830.
James A. Garfield (1831–1881) was the 20th president of the United States. His term, and life,… Continue Reading

Greta And Naomi: Two Different Messages on Climate Change

The two activists disagree on climate change and have very different ways of getting their messages out.
Greta Thunberg has praised for her views on climate change. The 16-year-old has become famous speaking… Continue Reading

How Does Impeachment Work?

Let’s clear up the confusion about impeachment.
A lot of people don’t really understand the process of impeachment, and the recent case with… Continue Reading

The Spill: NY Plastic Bag Ban

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NY Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags The state of New York has banned single-use plastic bags from… Continue Reading

Michigan: The Wolverine State

From the French and Indian War to the Model T.
Michigan became the 26th state to join the Union in January 1837. Known by several nicknames… Continue Reading

The Right to Voter Privacy in Washington

Washington is forcing voters to choose a political party on their primary ballots – and to do so publicly.
The Washington presidential primary is set for March 10. The ballots have already been mailed out,… Continue Reading

Super Tuesday: What Is It and Where Did It Come From?

More Americans vote on Super Tuesday than any other day before the general election in November.
Super Tuesday is a big day for presidential primaries – votes to decide who will be… Continue Reading

Switching from Coal to Natural Gas

Is natural gas really saving lives?
A new study published in Nature Sustainability has calculated that the recent shutdown of coal power… Continue Reading

Rutherford B. Hayes: The 19th President

Rutherford B. Hayes was elected president in 1876 and saw the end of the Reconstruction period.
Rutherford B. Hayes (1822–1893) became the 19th president of the United States in 1877. He was… Continue Reading

What Does It Mean to Be Gen Z?

Gen Z: The generation raised on tech.
What does it mean to be Generation Z? Each generation has been given a name and… Continue Reading

Soon, We Will Be Able to Stop Meteorites

As we move farther into space, we’ll be able to move more objects to avoid hitting Earth.
Throughout history, meteorites have impacted Earth – and there are many more objects out there headed… Continue Reading

The Spill: Pancake Day

Weekly news you can use.
Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus The Democrat Party took another step toward the 2020 election this week.… Continue Reading

Massachusetts: The Sixth State

Massachusetts joined the Union in 1788.
On Feb. 6, 1788, Massachusetts became the sixth state to join the Union. The Bay State,… Continue Reading

What Happens to Leftover Campaign Funds?

The FEC has a series of rules for leftover campaign funds.
The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has outlined a series of rules pertaining to politicians’ leftover campaign… Continue Reading

The Helium Shortage: What Happened?

Why are we running out of Helium, and what can we do about it?
Next to hydrogen, helium is the most common element in the universe. But while there is… Continue Reading

Half of the World Still Accepts Slavery

Despite being illegal in most Western nations, slavery is still practiced in many parts of the world.
For thousands of years, slavery has been an evil that spread across the world. These days,… Continue Reading

Democratic Voters Are Worried about the Nevada Caucus

Was the mess in Iowa a sign that the party-run caucuses can’t be trusted?
This week, all eyes are on Nevada as Democrats gather in caucus venues to select a… Continue Reading

Maryland: The Seventh State

Maryland joined the Union in 1788.
Maryland became the seventh state to join the Union on April 28, 1788. The English King… Continue Reading

Can Science Beat the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic might not happen.
The Coronavirus is spreading around the world – but it isn’t moving as fast as past… Continue Reading

Fun Facts on President’s Day

How well do you know the U.S. presidents?
President’s Day is a day to celebrate the country’s commanders in chief. Here are some fun… Continue Reading

What is Fracking?

Fracking makes once-blocked oil reserves available.
Every day, you use oil products that make your life better and easier. Thanks to advances… Continue Reading

Ulysses S. Grant: the 18th President

Ulysses S. Grant became the 18th president in 1868.
Ulysses S. Grant (1822–1885) was the 18th president of the United States. His life was fraught… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Welcome Everywhere

Some Eastern nations ban Valentine’s Day celebration.
February 14 has long been celebrated as a day of romantic love. To most of the… Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Three love poems.
For thousands of years, the 14th of February has been celebrated as a day of love.… Continue Reading

Who are Delegates?

Delegates help choose who can run for president.
The road to becoming a nominee for president of the United States involves a small group… Continue Reading

Maine: The 23rd State

This revolutionary colony joined the Union in 1820.
Maine became the 23rd state to join the Union on March 15, 1820. The native people… Continue Reading

The Spill: Ready to Compete

Weekly news you can use.
New Hampshire Primary The United States is choosing people to run in the next election, which… Continue Reading

What Are the Climate Models Missing?

The oceans are like big air conditioners for the planet – and the climate models don’t account for them.
If you have ever been on a tropical island, you may have experienced that as the… Continue Reading

Is Democracy Failing?

Will democracy continue to drop in popularity?
A recent study revealed that a growing number of citizens living in western nations are becoming… Continue Reading

Andrew Johnson: The 17th President

Andrew Johnson became president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
Andrew Johnson (1808–1875) was the 17th president of the United States and the first to ever… Continue Reading

The Bald Eagle: America’s Symbol of Freedom

The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States and a symbol of freedom.
The American symbol of freedom could have been a Turkey – if Founding Father Benjamin Franklin… Continue Reading

What Is the Law of Supply and Demand?

It’s important to understand this basic economic principle.
Have you walked through a supermarket and wondered why oranges, beef, and a box of Oreo… Continue Reading

Iowa Caucus: Confusion and Chaos

A failed mobile app caused confusion and chaos at the Iowa caucus.
What happens when the app designed to report voting results fails? Tuesday’s Iowa’s caucus fiasco, of… Continue Reading

The Spill: State of the Union 2020

Weekly news you can use.
Technical Difficulties and Election Confusion in Iowa The Iowa caucus for the Democratic Party was expected… Continue Reading

Louisiana: The 18th State

On April 30, 1812, Louisiana joined the Union.
Louisiana became the 18th state to join the Union on April 30, 1812. For generations before… Continue Reading

Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President

Lincoln won the presidential election of 1860.
Perhaps one of the most famous of all presidents is the 16th, Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865). Known… Continue Reading

Brexit: What’s it all About?

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union - but what does that mean?
On January 31 at 11 p.m., Britain will leave the European Union (E.U.). After voting to… Continue Reading

What Are Political Action Committees?

Just about every political cause has a PAC.
A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a group of people who raise money and spend it… Continue Reading

Why Do Elections Cost So Much?

Can votes be bought?
The U.S. political system today is not what the Founding Fathers had envisioned. It is important… Continue Reading

The Spill: Year of the Rat

Weekly news you can use.
Trump Impeachment Trial Underway The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump has started. The trial is… Continue Reading

Kentucky: The 15th State

Travelling the Wilderness Road.
The Woodland people first lived in the area, followed by the Fort Ancient people. These tribes… Continue Reading

Remembering Kobe

Kobe Bryant: Gone but not forgotten.
In news that shocked America, basketball player Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. The accident… Continue Reading

James Buchanan: The 15th President

Buchanan left office right before the Civil War.
James Buchanan was the 15th president of the United States. He was born on April 23,… Continue Reading

How Good is Wind Power for the Environment?

Wind turbines come with a lot of problems. Wind power might not be as good an option as we once thought.
For years, wind turbines have been thought of as a good alternative to fossil fuels like… Continue Reading

Kansas: The 34th State

Kansas was in the Wild West.
Kansas was first populated by the native people known as the Paleo-Indians. The state got its… Continue Reading

The Spill: Veggies Vs. Pizza

Weekly news you can use.
Senate Trial Starting on Trump Impeachment A Senate trial of President Donald Trump begins this week.… Continue Reading

What Is a Bubble?

Americans are enjoying an economic bubble on just about everything. But what does that mean?
Congratulations. You are living through one of the most prosperous times in American history. This is… Continue Reading

Primaries and Caucuses: How Do They Work?

Presidential candidates are chosen by primaries and caucuses, but what are those?
When America votes for a president on election day in November, they will be picking from… Continue Reading

It’s Martin Luther King Day

Famous words from a man who cared about equal rights.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a famous leader of the American Civil Rights Movement during the… Continue Reading

What Does it Take to Become President?

Becoming president isn’t easy.
The road to becoming the president of the United States is long and difficult. Not every… Continue Reading

Animals and Virtual Reality

Can animals use virtual reality technology?
Virtual reality used to be science fiction, but now we can experience virtual universes in a… Continue Reading

The Spill: Living Robots

Weekly news you can use.
Iran De-Escalation Relations between Iran and the U.S. calmed this week. Iran is a country in… Continue Reading

Australian Wildfires: What Are the Causes?

Why is Australia having a bushfire crisis?
What caused the fires that are burning in Australia? Some people suggest climate change is causing… Continue Reading

US vs Iran: Why Are We Fighting?

The U.S. and Iran have been hostile toward each other for a long time.
Current Conflict with Iran President Donald Trump recently approved an attack that killed Iranian General Qassem… Continue Reading

Franklin Pierce: the 14th President

Franklin Pierce took office in 1853.
Franklin Pierce (1804-1869) was born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, on November 23, 1804. He was elected… Continue Reading

Why Do Police Give the Miranda Warning?

Police have to tell people their rights when they’re arrested.
“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will, be used against… Continue Reading

Iowa: The 29th State

Iowa joined the Union in 1846.
Iowa, also known as the Hawkeye State, became the 29th state added to the Union on… Continue Reading

The Spill: Smart Puffin

Weekly news you can use.
Tensions with Iran The U.S. and the Middle Eastern country of Iran have been at odds… Continue Reading

Trump Signs Three Bills for Native Americans

Trump signed three bills, paying for lands lost, languages to be learned, and people to be protected.
In a tweet on December 27, President Donald Trump wrote: “Thank YOU Indian Country for being… Continue Reading

Millard Fillmore: The 13th President

Fillmore became president after Zachary Taylor died in office.
Millard Fillmore (1800 – 1874) was the 13th president of the United States and the last… Continue Reading

The Spill: Firework Fights

Weekly news you can use.
New Year’s Firework Controversies Countries across the globe celebrate the New Year with fireworks celebrations at… Continue Reading

Republic vs Democracy: Which Do We Have?

Though often called a democracy, the United States is a republic.
A lot of people are confused about what type of government the United States has. In… Continue Reading

New Year’s Day: It Wasn’t Always January 1

Several dates have been used throughout history around the world.
It may seem obvious that January 1 should be the first day of the new year,… Continue Reading

Indiana: The 19th State

Indiana joined the Union in 1816.
On December 11, 1816, Indiana became the 19th state to join the Union. Before it became… Continue Reading

New Year Resolutions: Promising to Do Better

Many people promise to do better than before at the new year – but you can improve yourself any time.
The beginning of a new year is a good time to get a fresh start, and… Continue Reading

National Debt: What Is It?

The government owes debts to citizens, global investors, other governments, and even itself.
You have probably heard by now that the national debt is the biggest it has ever… Continue Reading

Trump Offers Citizenship to Thousands of Liberians

Liberian refugees have a chance at U.S. citizenship now.
President Trump and Congress made citizenship possible for thousands of Liberian immigrants living in the United… Continue Reading

Zachary Taylor: The 12th President

Zachary Taylor took office in 1849.
Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) was the 12th president of the United States. Born on Nov. 24, 1784… Continue Reading

The Spill: NSW Fires

Weekly news you can use.
President Trump Impeached The House of Representatives has impeached President Trump. After a day of debate,… Continue Reading

Christmas Poems to Warm the Heart

Long before TV, Christmas poems helped spread holiday cheer.
We all have our favorite Christmas movies and songs, but before film and sound recordings were… Continue Reading

Illinois: The 21st State in the Union

Illinois became a state in 1818.
Illinois became the 21st state on Dec. 3, 1818. The first Europeans to visit the area… Continue Reading

Christmas Around the World

Not everyone celebrates Christmas in the same way.
Many of our favorite Christmas traditions came from ancestors who moved here from other countries. Different… Continue Reading

Christmas for the Troops: Many Won’t Be Home for the Holidays

Many Americans send Christmas to the soldiers who can’t come home.
Last year at Christmas time, the U.S. had 1.3 million troops on active duty, with more… Continue Reading

Space Force: The Sixth Branch of the Military

The Space Force has been approved and will be the newest branch of the U.S. military.
A historic defense legislation is now officially in the books with an addition of the sixth… Continue Reading

James Polk: The 11th President

James Polk took office in 1845 and served only one term, as he had promised during his campaign.
James Polk (1795-1849) was the 11th president of the United States. He promised to only serve… Continue Reading

The Story of Gingerbread

This delicious Christmas treat has a long history.
The holiday tradition of little gingerbread men and gingerbread houses comes from a long history. The… Continue Reading

The Spill: Two Deals

Weekly news you can use.
Two Trade Deals – China and USMCA This week had big news on U.S. trade with… Continue Reading

Idaho: The 43rd State

Idaho joined the Union in 1809, becoming the 43rd state.
Idaho became the 43rd state to join the Union on July 3, 1890. Before the Europeans… Continue Reading

John Tyler: The Tenth President

John Tyler was the tenth president – but only after the ninth president died in office.
John Tyler (1790-1862) became the tenth president of the United States while serving as vice president… Continue Reading

The Spill: Whakaari Erupts

Weekly news you can use.
Articles of Impeachment Called Against President Trump Over the last few weeks, the House of Representatives… Continue Reading

Hawaii: The Last State

Hawaii was the last of the 50 states to join the Union – so far.
Hawaii is made up of a group of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean. Now,… Continue Reading

Why History Is Important

We learn about the past so we don’t repeat other people’s mistakes.
Do you ever wonder why we study history, why learning about the past is a requirement… Continue Reading

Japan’s Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor

Japan attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor without any warning.
On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, located on the… Continue Reading

William Henry Harrison: The Ninth President

William Henry Harrison was the ninth president, and just one of many in a family of American leaders.
William Henry Harrison (1773–1841) was the ninth president of the United States. He took office on… Continue Reading

Scientists Find Ancient Puppy in Ice

Frozen puppy is a mystery to evolution.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane … or is it a puppy or a wolf?  That… Continue Reading

We Don’t Understand the Mars Climate – Do We Understand Ours?

Mars is a much simpler planet than Earth, but the climate doesn’t follow the rules we think it should.
Mars is a simple planet compared to Earth. Its climate should be very simple to model,… Continue Reading

Georgia: The Fourth State

Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution and join the Union.
On January 2, 1788, Georgia became the fourth state to sign the Constitution and join the… Continue Reading

Dresden Castle Robbed of Jewels

Eleven artifacts were taken.
On Monday, November 25, thieves broke into a museum in Germany’s Dresden Castle. They stole 11… Continue Reading

The Spill: Chickenization

Weekly news you can use.
President Trump’s Surprise Thanksgiving with the Troops Thanksgiving is a time to get together and celebrate… Continue Reading

Martin Van Buren: The Eighth President

Martin Van Buren was the eighth president – and the first in office to be born an American citizen.
Martin Van Buren (1782-1862) was the eighth president and the first to take office who was… Continue Reading

President Trump’s Surprise Thanksgiving with the Troops

The president surprised American troops in Afghanistan by showing up to share a Thanksgiving meal with them.
Thanksgiving is a time to get together and celebrate as a family, but many American soldiers… Continue Reading

Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving

How Americans came to give thanks on this holiday.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Today, most Americans eat turkey and… Continue Reading

Hong Kong Votes To Support Democracy

An election shows people back the protesters.
Students have been protesting in Hong Kong for a few months. The protests are against China… Continue Reading

Florida: From Spain to the United States

Florida was first explored by the Spanish in the early 1500s – but the French weren’t far behind.
Florida, with its warm climate and sandy beaches, is a popular vacation spot. It's also a… Continue Reading

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Helping Others

Thanksgiving is a hard time of year for many people – but maybe you can help.
Thanksgiving is a great time to think about the many ways you might have been blessed… Continue Reading

Kids Swap Phones for Chicks

Which is more fun – a phone or a bird?
How much time should kids and adults spend looking at their smartphones? One city in Indonesia… Continue Reading

The Spill: Red Poison

Weekly news you can use.
Democrats Still Want to Impeach; Republicans Still Don’t The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives… Continue Reading

Democrats Still Want to Impeach; Republicans Still Don’t

Impeachment testimonies given to House of Representatives.
The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are trying to impeach President Trump. This means… Continue Reading

Capitalism Created the Middle Class

Capitalism creates competition, which makes people more equal.
Some say that capitalism leads to a greater gap between the rich and the poor, but… Continue Reading

Zimbabwe and Inflation: Learn from Its Money Mistakes

Zimbabwe hasn’t printed money in 10 years. Now it's starting again. Will it help?
Ten years ago, Zimbabwe stopped printing its own money because it had lost its value. Since… Continue Reading

Delaware: The First State

Delaware was the first state to sign the Constitution and join the new United States.
Delaware was the first state to sign the Constitution in 1787, making it the first state… Continue Reading

Red Tide: The Deadly Algae Hits Florida

Karenia brevis algae is often called red tide because it turns the water red.
Karenia brevis algae – commonly called “red tide” because its colorful blooms turn coastal water red… Continue Reading

The Spill: New Human

Weekly news you can use.
Bolivia: The People Remove a Socialist President Evo Morales was the president of Bolivia. He won… Continue Reading

Andrew Jackson: The Seventh President

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States.
Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was the seventh president of the United States. He was born on March… Continue Reading

Bolivia: The People Remove a Socialist President

The people of Bolivia have kicked out their socialist president.
Evo Morales was the president of Bolivia. He won the most recent election to be president… Continue Reading

Tell Brak: The World’s Oldest City?

New technology can tell us about the ancient world.
Technology has come a long way, but sometimes new inventions can tell us even more about… Continue Reading

First Amendment: Asking the Government for Change

The First Amendment grants the right to petition the government.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;… Continue Reading

Artist Paints Greta Thunberg on Building

Some people love the painting, but others don’t.
Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who talks about climate change around the world. Recently, an… Continue Reading

Connecticut: One of the First Colonies

This state was for independence and against slavery.
Connecticut was one of the first 13 colonies in the New World, and it has a… Continue Reading

Scientists Find New Type of Human

There were many species of human in the ancient world.
Scientists have found a new species of ancient human. The researchers found 13 bones that date… Continue Reading

Is New York Taking the Fun out of Football?

What is fair about making a winning team stop doing their best?
A high school football coach in Nassau County, New York, was suspended (made to stop working)… Continue Reading

Denver: Capital of Colorado

The Mile High City.
Denver is the state capital of Colorado and is known as “the Mile High City.” It… Continue Reading

Veteran’s Day: A Day to Honor our Soldiers

Veterans Day began shortly after the end of World War I as Armistice Day.
Veteran’s Day is the day we honor and celebrate our heroes, the military men and women… Continue Reading

The Spill: CA Fires

Weekly news you can use.
Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. What is a… Continue Reading

John Quincy Adams: The Sixth President

John Quincy Adams was the sixth President, and the son of John Adams, the second president.
John Quincy Adams (1767–1848) was the sixth president of the United States. He was born on… Continue Reading

First Amendment: The Right to Get Together

Americans are allowed to gather peacefully.
  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise… Continue Reading

Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists: Who were They?

These two groups had different visions for America.
The United States was built on two documents (pieces of writing), the Constitution and the Bill… Continue Reading

What is a Whistleblower?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about President Donald Trump, Ukraine, and… Continue Reading

Colorado: The Centennial State

The 38th state has been home to many different peoples.
Colorado is sometimes called the “Centennial State.” This is because it joined the Union in the… Continue Reading

The Keystone Pipeline Spilled Oil in North Dakota

The Keystone Pipeline moves almost 23 million gallons a day.
Last week, the Keystone Pipeline spilled about 380,000 gallons of oil over a wetland area in… Continue Reading

Wildfires Rage Across California

California has numerous fires burning across the state.
There are several big fires burning across California.  Let’s take a look at the current forest… Continue Reading

Sacramento: Capital of California

The city of Sacramento today is built on top of the old city that was destroyed by flooding.
Sacramento is the capital city of California, but it wasn’t the first. There were a few… Continue Reading

House of Representatives Votes for Impeachment Inquiry

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are looking into whether Trump broke the law as president with the Ukraine call.
The House of Representatives voted to hold an inquiry into President Donald Trump’s behavior toward Ukraine.… Continue Reading

The Spill: Blue Pumpkins

Weekly news you can use.
How Halloween Began Halloween wasn’t always the fun event it is today. The holiday began with… Continue Reading

James Monroe: The Fifth President

James Monroe took office as the fifth president in 1817.
James Monroe (1758-1831) was the fifth president of the United States. He was born on April… Continue Reading

First Amendment: Freedom of the Press

A free press tells us what is going in the country.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;… Continue Reading

How Halloween Began

The story behind this spooky holiday.
Halloween wasn’t always the fun event it is today. The holiday began with the Celtic people,… Continue Reading

California: The Golden State

Eureka! Gold was found in this state.
California was the 31st state to be added to the Union. It is the third-largest state,… Continue Reading

Are There Ghosts in the White House?

Over the years, many people have claimed to see ghosts in the White House.
“My dear Clara, it seems that the White House is haunted.” These words were written by Major… Continue Reading

Blue Pumpkins: Making Halloween Better for Autistic Kids

Not everyone is comfortable saying “trick-or-treat.” These blue pumpkins ensure they don’t have to.
Halloween is a time of fun that kids and adults look forward to each fall, but… Continue Reading

ISIS Has a Defeat

What is ISIS, and who was its leader?
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the leader of a group called the Islamic State. The group attacked… Continue Reading

Little Rock: Capital of Arkansas

Little Rock was part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and became a city in 1835.
Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and was once the home to the Quapaw people.… Continue Reading

More Mummies Found in Egypt

What Are Mummies?
Just in time for Halloween, archaeologists in Egypt found 30 coffins with mummies inside. The mummies… Continue Reading

Capitalism vs Socialism: What Is the Difference?

Free market or government control of the economy?
There has been a lot of talk about capitalism and socialism. Some people want the government… Continue Reading

The Spill: No Lunch Money

Weekly news you can use.
Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Solving the Problem… Continue Reading

James Madison: The Fourth President

James Madison was elected the fourth president of the United States in 1808.
James Madison was the fourth president of the United States. He was born March 16, 1751,… Continue Reading

Solving the Problem of School Lunch Debt

Kids need to eat – but the food isn’t free. So what can be done about parents who don’t pay?
School meals are a very important part of any student’s education. Feeding students, however, is not… Continue Reading

First Amendment: Protecting Free Speech

Without the First Amendment, we could be arrested for speaking our opinions.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;… Continue Reading

What’s Going on with Turkey and Syria?

They aren’t fighting right now, but they aren’t really at peace, either.
Last week, Turkey informed the White House of plans to invade northern Syria.  Turkey wanted to… Continue Reading

Arkansas: The 25th State

Arkansas joined the Union twice: After the Louisiana Purchase and after the Civil War.
The Territory of Arkansas became the 25th state of the Union on June 15, 1836. “Arkansas”… Continue Reading

Protests in Spain

Catalans protest against the Spanish government.
The fight for independence is not new; peoples from all over the world have been having… Continue Reading

Justin Trudeau Wins Canadian Vote

Canada has chosen its next leader.
The people of Canada went out on October 21 to vote for the next leader of… Continue Reading

Phoenix: Capital of Arizona

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, the 48th state in the United States.
Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, the 48th state to join the United States. For almost… Continue Reading

Human Rights Abusers Join the Human Rights Council

Libya, Sudan, Venezuela, and Mauritania are all now on the UN human rights council – but why?
The United Nations (UN) had a secret ballot vote to let 14 countries join the Human… Continue Reading

The Spill: Travel to the Moon

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Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Could an Elevator… Continue Reading

Could an Elevator Take Us to the Moon?

Some scientists think we could build an elevator between Earth and the Moon.
Imagine having an elevator that took you straight to the moon. Just step in and let… Continue Reading

Thomas Jefferson: The Third President

Thomas Jefferson was the third president, right after his friend John Adams.
The third president, Thomas Jefferson, was born on April 13, 1743. He studied law and worked… Continue Reading

First Amendment: Religious Freedom

The First Amendment protects the right to practice any religion you want.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;… Continue Reading

A Secret Service Dog Is Rewarded for His Service

Hurricane, a canine officer in the Secret Service, gets honored for bravely doing his duty.
Hurricane is a black Belgian Malinois and US Secret Service canine officer. He was on duty… Continue Reading

Arizona: The 48th State in the Union

Arizona became the 48th state to join the US in 1912.
Arizona was the 48th state admitted into the United States, but its history spans many thousands… Continue Reading

The NBA Chooses China over Free Speech

China threatened to stop showing games after a team owner shared his opinion – so the NBA apologized for him.
Daryl Morey, the owner of the Houston Rockets, recently said that he supported the activists who… Continue Reading

The Nobel Prize: What It Means

The Nobel Prize is awarded to the person or group that has done the most good for humanity that year.
The Nobel Peace Prize is a well-known award given to people or organizations that have worked… Continue Reading

Alaska’s Golden City

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska.
Alaska is known as the last frontier. The state’s capital city, Juneau, has a rich history… Continue Reading

Columbus Day: The History and the Conflict

Columbus Day celebrates an Italian explorer – but some think it should recognize the people who were here first.
Columbus Day is celebrated each year on the second Monday in October. It is in honor… Continue Reading

The Spill: A New Planet

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Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Ukraine’s Story Ukraine… Continue Reading

John Adams: The Second President of the United States

John Adams was the second president, but he served as vice president under the first.
John Adams was the first vice president and the second president of the United States. He… Continue Reading

Ukraine’s Story

All about the country and why it’s in the news.
Ukraine has been in the news lately. People are talking about the country because of a… Continue Reading

Alaska: The 49th State

Alaska was the 49th state to join the United States. Only Hawaii joined after.
Alaska was the 49th state to join the United States in 1959. About 15,000 years ago,… Continue Reading

Japan Allows Whale Hunting Again

Whale hunting was illegal in Japan for over 30 years, but now it’s back.
For many years, hunting whale has been a tradition in several countries. But in the 1800s… Continue Reading

Scientists Found a New Planet They Can’t Explain

Sometimes new discoveries show us that we didn’t understand the science as well as we thought.
Scientists who study space, called astronomers, found a new planet far away. Planets outside our solar… Continue Reading

Montgomery: A Colorful History

The story of Alabama’s capital city.
Montgomery, Alabama: The Early Years Montgomery, the capital city of Alabama, wasn’t always the bustling city… Continue Reading

Spanking Children Is Against the Law in Scotland

Scotland’s Parliament has decided that spanking is not appropriate. Now it’s illegal in Scotland.
Physical discipline is a form of punishment that makes people uncomfortable or gives them pain. This… Continue Reading

The Spill: Is Trump on the Way Out?

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Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Saudi Arabia Opens… Continue Reading

George Washington: The First American President

George Washington was the first president of the United States.
George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was born in Virginia on… Continue Reading

America’s First Immigrant

The story of Annie Moore.
The Statue of Liberty is a sign that stands for freedom and the chance to build… Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia Opens Up to the World

Kingdom will allow tourists.
Saudi Arabia, a country in the Middle East, is opening up to tourists. Until now, the… Continue Reading

The History of Alabama

Alabama was the 22nd state to join the United States.
Alabama was the 22nd state to join the United States. It got the nickname “Heart of… Continue Reading

The Black Patriots: Slaves Who Fought for American Independence

The black patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War helped begin the end of American slavery.
The Revolutionary War changed history in many ways. When the American colonies decided to fight for… Continue Reading

Impeachment: What Does It Mean for Trump?

Why are people talking about impeaching the president?
There has been a lot of talk in the news of impeaching President Donald Trump. Democrats… Continue Reading

Impeachment: What Is It?

What does it mean to impeach the president?
What is impeachment and how is it used? What happens when a president gets impeached? Impeachment… Continue Reading

The Spill: Strike!

All the hot news this week.
Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. GM Workers on… Continue Reading

GM Workers on Strike

Employees at car company refuse to work.
Workers at the car company General Motors are refusing to go to work. When employees band… Continue Reading

Where Does Money Come From?

How notes and coins are created.
Have you ever made money doing chores at home or by setting up a lemonade stand… Continue Reading

Climate Concerns: Can We Save the Planet?

Many who believe in climate change hope for carbon neutrality by 2050.
Many people believe that pollution is changing the climate and might even be destroying the world.… Continue Reading

Out of Many, One

E pluribus unum and the Great Seal.
Have you ever wondered where we get the words and phrases on our money? “In God… Continue Reading

The Spill: Schoolboy Hero

All the hot news this week.
Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Constitution Day On… Continue Reading

School Boy Becomes UT Hero with Homemade Shirt

One student’s victory over bullies.
A fourth-grade student made headlines after he was teased over a homemade football t-shirt. An elementary… Continue Reading

What Are Taxes?

Taxes are a key issue in society since almost everybody has to pay them. So, what… Continue Reading

North Korea and the United States Talk Peace

When an atom is split, a great amount of energy is released. This is nuclear fission,… Continue Reading

Constitution Day

September 17 celebrates the signing of the US Constitution.
On September 17, 1787, leaders from 13 colonies signed the United States Constitution. This officially created… Continue Reading

In God We Trust

In God We Trust is the second motto of the United States.
A national motto is a phrase or sentence that represents a country. The United States has… Continue Reading

The Spill: Moon Landing, 9/11, and a New Dinosaur

All the hot news this week.
Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. India’s Moon Landing… Continue Reading

New Dinosaur Found

Scientists discover new species.
A new species of dinosaur has been discovered. A team of scientists found the fossils near… Continue Reading

What is a Recession?

Recessions are usually bad, but some good comes from them too.
The economy grows and shrinks, and we call this the boom and bust cycle. When the… Continue Reading

What is 9/11?

Remembering September 11, 2001.
Americans remember September 11, 2001, as the day of a big terrorist attack. The day is… Continue Reading

India’s Moon Landing

Success for failure?
Only three countries have landed a spacecraft on moon before, the US, China, and Russia. Now… Continue Reading

The US Dollar

Why do we use the dollar?
The official money of the United States is the dollar. It’s equal to 100 cents, or… Continue Reading

The Spill: Labor Day, WWII and Womens’ Votes

All the hot news this week.
Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. The Story of… Continue Reading

Climate Change: Real or Not?

Nobody knows what will happen.
You may have heard that humans are wrecking the planet with pollution, and especially a gas… Continue Reading

80 Years Since World War II

Adolf Hitler and his Nazis almost took over the world 80 years ago.
World War II began on September 1, 1939; that was 80 years ago. It started when… Continue Reading

The Story of Labor Day

The first Labor Day.
Labor Day is a day that honors workers. America celebrates with a three-day weekend and many… Continue Reading

The Spill: Amazon Fires, Japan, and the Electoral College

All the hot news this week.
Welcome to LNGenZ's roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Fires in the… Continue Reading

The 19th Amendment: Women Get the Right to Vote

Women couldn’t vote in the United States until the 19th Amendment.
“Everybody counts in applying democracy,” said Carrie Chapman Catt. Democracy is a way of making decisions… Continue Reading

Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

What is really going on in the Amazon?
According to recent reports, 9,000 fires are burning in the Amazon rainforest. Many people have described… Continue Reading

What Is Free Trade?

Should the government control trade, or stay out of it?
Free trade happens when buyers and sellers from different countries trade with each other without either… Continue Reading

What is the Electoral College?

What is the best way to pick the president?
Every four years, the United States has an election to pick a new president. While people… Continue Reading

US and Japan Make Trade Deal

Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe agree on trade.
President Trump recently traveled to France for the G7 summit, which took place on August 24… Continue Reading

The Spill: Hong Kong, Bugs, and Buying Greenland

All the hot news this week.
Welcome to LNGenZ's roundup of the trending topics in the news this week. Protests in Hong… Continue Reading

Trump Wants to Buy Greenland?

All about Greenland.
President Donald Trump was scheduled to visit Denmark, but he announced on August 20 that he… Continue Reading

What is Money?

How does money work?
There’s an old saying that "money makes the world go around." In an economy, people work,… Continue Reading

Eating Bugs?

Would you eat insects?
How much meat do you eat? Many Americans eat meat every day, but this common food… Continue Reading

What is Health Care?

How does health care work?
How often do you go to the doctor? Health care is important in everybody’s life –… Continue Reading

Protests in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong protest.
In the last few weeks, people have been protesting in Hong Kong. Located on a tiny… Continue Reading

Court Says President Trump Can Build Wall

The Supreme Court says Donald Trump can build the wall.
The question of who can live in America is one that a lot of people are… Continue Reading

Boris Johnson is Britain’s New Leader

The US and the UK - best of friends?
Great Britain is one of the USA’s closest friends around the world. It is made up… Continue Reading

Becoming American

How does someone become American?
Immigrants are people who move to the United States from some other country. There are rules… Continue Reading

Who Are the Political Parties?

The history of American politics.
Most political conversations in the US have something to do with one of the two big… Continue Reading

Free Speech in Schools

Should students have free speech?
Dr. Luana Maroja is a teacher at Williams College in Massachusetts, and she wants her school… Continue Reading

What is the Minimum Wage?

How much money should people earn?
To make sure people have enough money to live, the government asks companies to pay workers… Continue Reading

Does the USA Need a Wall?

Let's talk about the border wall.
After months of debate over whether a border wall is an effective tool or a symbolic… Continue Reading