The Storied Beginning of Mother’s Day

What is now a multi-billion-dollar industry began as a protest to the Civil War.
Mother’s Day – It comes every year in America on the second Sunday of May, but… Continue Reading

Who Was Columbia?

Columbia, originally known as Amérique, was the first Lady of the new world.
Long before there was a Lady Liberty or Uncle Sam, there was Amérique, who later became… Continue Reading

Cinco de Mayo: A Holiday in Mexico and the US

The 5th of May marks a victory in the Franco-Mexican War.
Today is Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May. The holiday began in Mexico but… Continue Reading

The Media’s Role in the Spanish-American War

Two NY newspapers got Americans so upset with Spain that the nation went to war.
The press has a lot of influence over the United States. In fact, the media exercises… Continue Reading

What is Yellow Journalism?

Unfortunately, many journalists just want to sell headlines, not report the news.
Journalism is supposed to be one of the most honorable professions. In fact, the First Amendment… Continue Reading

How Does the Sixth Amendment Protect People?

The Sixth Amendment protects the rights of the accused.
The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects important rights for people who are accused of… Continue Reading

Jim Crow: The Laws That Replaced Slavery

Slavery was ended after the Civil War, but that didn’t make everyone equal.
After the American Civil War ended and slavery was abolished, black Americans were finally able to… Continue Reading

Thurgood Marshall: The First Black Supreme Court Justice

Thurgood Marshall joined the Supreme Court in 1967.
Thurgood Marshall was the first African American to join the U.S. Supreme Court. He spent his… Continue Reading

Bay Of Pigs: When America Tried to Invade Cuba

The U.S. once tried to invade Cuba. It didn’t work.
The Bay of Pigs invasion was one of the worst foreign policy decisions in U.S. history.… Continue Reading

FDR: The 32nd President

FDR was the 32nd president, serving from 1933 to 1945.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), or FDR, was the 32nd president of the United States and the… Continue Reading

Martha Washington: The First First Lady

As George Washington’s wife, Martha Washington was the first First Lady.
Martha Washington was an educated woman, skilled business manager, a clever hostess, and the only woman… Continue Reading

The Fifth Amendment: Protection From Unfair Prosecution

The Fifth Amendment: Protection From Unfair Prosecution
The Fifth Amendment is one of the most important parts of the U.S. Constitution. It was… Continue Reading

Noah’s Ark – On the Moon

Scientists want to store frozen eggs on the moon for safekeeping.
The earth is a dangerous place to live. From time to time, our planet is hit… Continue Reading

How Sen. Edward Brooke Broke Barriers

Brooke was the first black secretary of state for Massachusetts and the first black senator from the state since Reconstruction.
Senator Edward W. Brooke is an important figure in black history and a role model for… Continue Reading

What Does the British Monarchy Do Today?

Parliament rules Britain – but the royal family is still around.
When the thirteen colonies of British America declared their independence from King George III, it led… Continue Reading

The Spill: Turtle Smugglers of Galapagos

Weekly news you can use.
Galapagos Tortoises Rescued From Smugglers Recently the Galápagos National Park staff discovered 185 hatchling tortoises wrapped in… Continue Reading

The Origins of Easter Traditions

Where did we get the idea for our most common Easter traditions?
Happy Easter! This holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death. Traditions for this… Continue Reading

The Bison: America’s Biggest Mammal

The bison is the largest mammal in North America.
The Bald Eagle has been an American symbol since 1782 when it became the national bird.… Continue Reading

Good Friday: The Day Jesus Died in Payment for Sin

Jesus sacrificed himself so that the world could know salvation.
For Christians, Good Friday is one of the most important holidays of the year because it… Continue Reading

Why We Have the Third Amendment

The Third Amendment means Americans don’t have to host soldiers in their houses.
The Third Amendment says the government cannot force Americans to let soldiers stay in their houses.… Continue Reading

The Spill: Flooding Out the Oysters

Weekly news you can use.
Oysters Are Latest Victims of Australian Floods Historic flooding on the eastern coast of Australia has… Continue Reading

How Laws Are Made

Congress makes the laws of the nation.
The United States federal government is made up of three branches: the executive, the judicial, and… Continue Reading

What Do Senators Do?

Like representatives, senators make laws – but they have other jobs, as well.
Both houses of Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate – have similar jobs.… Continue Reading

Herbert Hoover: The 31st President

Herbert Hoover won the 1928 election with 40 states.
Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874, in Iowa. He was the first president to… Continue Reading

What Does a US Representative Do?

Representatives are important to the law-making process.
The U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate both make up the legislative branch of the… Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day: How It Started

The origin story of St. Patrick.
When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we imagine wearing green, leprechauns looking for their pot… Continue Reading

How America Almost Had a Nuclear War

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 almost started the world’s first nuclear war.
In 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union almost went to war over nuclear missiles… Continue Reading

The Spill: A Glimpse at the Past

Weekly news you can use.
A Digital Unveiling of a Secret 17th Century Letter The problem with finding documents that are… Continue Reading

Calvin Coolidge: The Thirtieth President

Calvin Coolidge took office after Warren G. Harding died.
Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933) became the thirtieth president of the United States after President Warren… Continue Reading

What Does the Department of Housing and Urban Development Do?

HUD exists to make sure all Americans have fair and equal access to housing.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is one of the least discussed agencies in… Continue Reading

What Is the Executive Branch and What Does It Do?

The executive branch implements and enforces federal law.
The U.S. federal government is split into three branches. Along with the legislative branch, the executive… Continue Reading

When Did People First Come to America? A Dog Bone Tells the Tale

Thanks to an old dog bone, scientists now believe the first people in America came at least 16,700 years ago.
For generations, scientists and researchers believed the earliest humans in the Americas came about 12,000 years… Continue Reading

The Spill: When the Volcano Blows

Weekly news you can use.
Eruptions Everywhere! Mount Aetna, the most active volcano in Europe, is living up to its reputation.… Continue Reading

Gettysburg: How the South Lost the Civil War

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the most important engagements of the Civil War.
“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation,… Continue Reading

The Forgotten Depression of 1920

How did America go from an economic boom to a depression and then back up into the Roaring Twenties in just a year and a half?
While most people know about the Great Depression, there was another depression, which ran from 1920… Continue Reading

American Economic Depressions Explained

There hasn’t been a depression in almost a century – but that doesn’t mean one isn’t coming.
The last economic depression was in the 1930s. Since the United States has not suffered one… Continue Reading

What Does the Secretary of the Treasury Do?

The secretary of the Treasury is responsible for keeping the economy going.
The secretary of the Treasury is another important member of the president’s cabinet. The Treasury oversees… Continue Reading

Warren G. Harding: The 29th President

Harding won the presidential election of 1920.
Warren G Harding was born November 2, 1865, on a farm in Ohio. He graduated from… Continue Reading

How Jackie Robinson Integrated Baseball

Before Jackie Robinson, black and white people played on different teams and different leagues.
Jackie Robinson is one of the most important figures of the Civil Rights movement, especially when… Continue Reading

The Spill: Perseverance on the Red Planet

Weekly news you can use.
Perseverance Pays Off NASA has made history in space exploration again. The 2020 Perseverance Mars rover… Continue Reading

The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner

It was this flag that Francis Scott Key saw by the dawn’s early light.
The Star-Spangled Banner is more than just the name of our National Anthem. In July 1813,… Continue Reading

Understanding the President’s Job

The president has a lot of responsibilities.
The president of the United States is head of the Executive Branch and the most well-known… Continue Reading

Presidents’ Day 2021: Remembering the Strange Ones

Politics has seemed strange lately, but that’s nothing new.
Presidents’ Day is a time to remember and honor all the presidents of the past and… Continue Reading

The Star-Spangled Banner: The National Anthem

Francis Scott Key’s story of the attack on Fort McHenry was so impressive, it eventually became the national anthem.
The Star-Spangled Banner is a symbol of freedom for Americans, but it also reminds us what… Continue Reading

Secretary of Defense: Highest Military Official Under President

The secretary of defense is the highest ranking military official and a member of the president’s cabinet.
The secretary of defense is a part of the president’s cabinet and the leader of the… Continue Reading

Segregation: Keeping Black and White People Apart

For many years in America, black people weren’t allowed to work or live with white people.
Segregation means keeping things or people apart. In United States history, it means the laws and… Continue Reading

The Spill: Breaking Ties

Weekly news you can use.
Rigors of The Position of Vice President The vice president's job in the United States isn’t… Continue Reading

Woodrow Wilson: The 28th President

Woodrow Wilson was the last president to ride in a horse-drawn carriage to inauguration.
Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was born December 28, 1856,… Continue Reading

What Is the Secretary of State’s Job?

One of the president’s top advisers.
Since 1789, the Department of State – also known as the State Department – has been… Continue Reading

Martin Luther King: A Civil Rights Leader

MLK spoke out for equality and peace among all races.
Martin Luther King Jr. is a name most Americans know, but who was the man, and… Continue Reading

What Is the Filibuster?

In the Senate, anyone who doesn’t want a bill to be voted on just has to keep talking.
When a member of the  U.S. Senate wants to delay a vote, they can talk for… Continue Reading

What Is the Paris Climate Accord?

Can an agreement between nations stop climate change?
While in office, President Trump took the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord. But… Continue Reading

What Are Executive Orders?

Executive orders are the most common presidential papers.
One of the most common “presidential” papers is the executive order. Every American president has created… Continue Reading

What’s Happening With the COVID Vaccines?

Vaccines are being developed all over the world – but some work better than others.
The coronavirus pandemic has given the world a “new normal.” But in less than a year,… Continue Reading

America Gets a New President

Joe Biden took the oath of office on Inauguration Day.
On January 20, the U.S. inaugurated its 46th president – Joe Biden. Biden took the oath… Continue Reading

Welcoming a New President

A new president gets sworn-in on Inauguration Day.
Inauguration Day is the time set to swear in the new president and vice president of… Continue Reading

How Did Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Become a Holiday?

It took 18 years and a lot of work to make it happen.
On the third Monday of January, the federal government observes Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This… Continue Reading

It’s Martin Luther King Day

Famous words from a man who cared about equal rights.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a famous leader of the American Civil Rights Movement during the… Continue Reading

The 25th Amendment

The Constitution covers a lot of possible issues, but it didn’t explain what to do when… Continue Reading

William Taft: The 27th President

Taft took office in 1857 and only served one term.
William Taft (1857-1930) was the 27th president of the United States. He was the only president… Continue Reading

President Trump Impeached Again

Why was Trump impeached for a second time?
President Trump is the first U.S. president to be impeached twice. The House of Representatives impeached… Continue Reading

How Does Impeachment Work?

Let’s clear up the confusion about impeachment.
A lot of people don’t really know what impeachment is. Impeachment is a way of making… Continue Reading

What the Free Press Means for America

A free press keeps America safe from government abuse.
A free press is important to the United States and its citizens. When journalists do their… Continue Reading

What Is NATO?

Born from World War II, NATO aimed to keep Europe safe.
There were a lot of wars in the first half of the 1900s, including the two… Continue Reading

Congress and the White House Go to the Democrats

With control over the White House and Congress, Democrats can make basically any law they want for two years.
The 2020 elections in November should have answered the question of who will be president and… Continue Reading

The Story of the Liberty Bell

This bell has honored liberty and those dedicated to it since 1777.
In 1751, the Pennsylvania Assembly ordered the creation of a bell to celebrate the 50th anniversary… Continue Reading

What Are Presidential Pardons?

How do presidential pardons work?
American presidents can issue pardons to anyone who has been convicted of a federal crime, even… Continue Reading

Biden Will Be 46th President

Congress confirms Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.
On January 6, Congress confirmed Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. In… Continue Reading

Protesters at Congress

Protesters enter the Capitol building.
January 6 was set to be a big day for American politics, and that turned out… Continue Reading

How Congress Counts Electoral Votes and Answers Challenges

The Electoral College chose Joe Biden – now Congress has to count the votes and make a decision.
The Electoral College has chosen former Vice President Joe Biden as winner of the presidential election.… Continue Reading

How Presidential Elections Have Changed Over the Years

Electing a president is more complicated that many people realize.
Every four years, the United States goes through another presidential election. There are a lot of… Continue Reading

New Year Resolutions: Promising to Do Better

Many people promise to do better than before at the new year – but you can improve yourself any time.
The beginning of a new year is a good time to get a fresh start, and… Continue Reading

The Story of Auld Lang Syne

How an old Scottish folk song became a global New Year’s tradition.
There are a lot of Christmas carols, but there’s only one New Year’s song: “Auld Lang… Continue Reading

New Year Around the World

How different countries celebrate the new year.
As we say goodbye to 2020, a strange year with a novel virus, giant murder hornets,… Continue Reading

Government Waste in 2020

One Senator wrote a report on how the government wasted money this year.
Politicians spend billions of dollars every year – but do they need to? How much of… Continue Reading

The Electoral College: Do We Still Need It?

Nearly half of all Americans say we don’t need the Electoral College anymore. Are they right?
Since the United States Constitution was ratified, the president has been chosen by a group of… Continue Reading

Boxing Day: What Is It?

The day after Christmas has long been a time of giving.
Celebrating Boxing Day on December 26 seems like a very English tradition. As far back as… Continue Reading

The Start of Christmas Traditions

How has Christmas changed over the centuries?
Christmas is an old and a young holiday – Christians are celebrating the birth of Jesus… Continue Reading

Christmas Trees: Why Are They So Special?

The Christmas tree tradition hasn’t always been popular in America.
Just about everyone who celebrates Christmas these days have at least one Christmas tree. How did… Continue Reading

Churches Find Ways to Observe Christmas

Churches have been affected by the coronavirus – but they aren’t letting that stop them.
The COVID pandemic hit the country hard. Businesses have shut down, people have lost their jobs,… Continue Reading

The Real Story of Santa Claus

Santa Claus lived more than 1,600 years ago in Turkey.
Every Christmas, millions of children look forward to getting presents from Santa Claus. But who is… Continue Reading

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Moore vs. Livingston - who was the real author?
One of the most famous Christmas stories is surrounded in mystery, intrigue, and even a family… Continue Reading

Christmas Caroling Is Good for You!

Sing your songs – science shows it can help your mental health.
Christmas time is here, and one time-honored tradition is singing Christmas songs together. According to a… Continue Reading

The Symbols of Christmas

Why do we use the symbols we do at Christmas time?
Christmastime is filled with holiday traditions and shiny decorations. Certain symbols are everywhere, but what do… Continue Reading

Understanding the Electoral College

Who are America’s electors?
During the Constitutional Convention in 1787, one of the most critical issues our Founding Fathers wanted… Continue Reading

What Is the Third Amendment?

Does the Third Amendment even work?
What is the Third Amendment, and why do we have it? In full, the Third Amendment… Continue Reading

Israel Reveals the Herodium

Herod the Great had a palace-fortress built, called the Herodium. Now, Israel is opening it up for tourists.
The story of Jesus’ birth and early life isn’t complete without the story of Herod the… Continue Reading

What is the Black National Anthem?

This song is a part of American History – why has it caused debate?
A piece of American history got national attention again, recently. The song “Lift Ev’ry Voice And… Continue Reading

Electoral College Voted for Biden

Has the next president been chosen?
The Electoral College voted on Monday, December 14, to declare Joe Biden the winner of the… Continue Reading

What Is Capitalism?

Capitalism allows buyers and sellers to do what they want.
Capitalism has been raising the worldwide standard of living for years. But governments around the world have… Continue Reading

The Spill: Breakdancing at the Olympics

Weekly news you can use.
Breakdancing Will Debut As Olympic Event The Paris 2024 Olympics will include a new sport: Breakdancing.… Continue Reading

In the Middle East, Christmas Is a Dangerous Time

Could you imagine going to jail for celebrating Christmas?
No matter your religion, the holiday season in America is a time for family, friends, and… Continue Reading

Theodore Roosevelt: 26th President

Roosevelt became president after William McKinley was assassinated.
Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States – but that hadn’t been… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Poems

Three verses for Thanksgiving.
LNGenZ offers this selection of  Thanksgiving poems. Enjoy!   Thanksgiving Traditional The year has turned its circle,… Continue Reading

Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving

How Americans came to give thanks on this holiday.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Today, most Americans eat turkey and… Continue Reading

Why Do We Eat Turkey at Thanksgiving?

How did turkey become the official bird of Thanksgiving?
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and with that comes thoughts of big family dinners with a golden turkey… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving in America – How It All Began

The Pilgrims and Native Americans did not invent Thanksgiving, but they embraced the concept and made… Continue Reading

What Happens When Elections Are Challenged?

It isn’t always clear who wins an election – so what do we do to clear it up?
Even though Election Day 2020 has come and gone, there are still many questions about who… Continue Reading

The Spill: The Death of the Dinosaurs

Weekly news you can use.
Dinosaurs: What Really Wiped Them Out? Scientists believe that dinosaurs were on Earth for more than… Continue Reading

What Is the Cabinet?

The president runs the executive branch, but he gets a lot of help from the Cabinet.
The president is the head of the executive branch of the federal government. His job is… Continue Reading

Is Social Media Bad for America?

Why is there so much hate online – and can we stop it?
A Pew Research poll shows that most Americans believe social media has damaged our politics and… Continue Reading

Is a Coronavirus Vaccine Coming?

Scientists have made a coronavirus injection.
One of the world’s biggest medical companies says it has a coronavirus injection. Scientists at the… Continue Reading

A History of Controversial US Elections

There have been several presidential elections in the past that needed more than a simple vote to decide.
Presidential elections usually go smoothly once the votes are in, but sometimes they don’t. In 1800,… Continue Reading

Do You Know These Famous Veterans?

Which famous veterans can you recognize?
Veterans Day is a time to honor military personnel who have served to protect our freedom… Continue Reading

Did Joe Biden Really Win the Election?

Joe Biden has been declared the winner by the media – but we don’t actually know yet who won.
A few days after the November 3 election, many have declared Joe Biden to be the… Continue Reading

Does Voter Turnout Matter?

Why do so many voters refuse to vote?
The number of registered voters who actually cast votes in elections is called voter turnout. The… Continue Reading

Election Confusion

Not everyone agrees on who is winning the election.
Election Day may have been November 3rd, but a few days later, the winner still hasn’t… Continue Reading

Election Day 2020: Choosing America’s Next President

What's going on around America this Election Day?
November 3, 2020 is Election Day in the United States. For the first time in four… Continue Reading

What Are Blue, Red, and Swing States?

Some states almost always support one party – but some aren’t so easy to predict.
Around election time, states are usually called "blue" or "red." Blue stands for the Democratic Party,… Continue Reading

How Halloween Began

The story behind this spooky holiday.
Halloween wasn’t always the fun event it is today. The holiday began with the Celtic people,… Continue Reading

Celebrating Halloween Around the World

People in many parts of the world celebrate Halloween very differently from us.
When you think of Halloween, you probably imagine spooky costumes, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating. While… Continue Reading

Are There Ghosts in the White House?

Over the years, many people have claimed to see ghosts in the White House.
“My dear Clara, it seems that the White House is haunted.” These words were written by Major… Continue Reading

What Does Halloween After Coronavirus Look Like?

Even with social distancing and fear of the virus, it looks like folks will spend plenty of money this Halloween.
Is it going to be a bone-chilling Halloween for retailers, or a frightful season of riches?… Continue Reading

Who Is Amy Coney Barrett?

Can President Trump get his third Supreme Court nominee confirmed this term?
Amy Coney Barrett is the new judge on the U.S. Supreme Court. Who is she, and… Continue Reading

Presidential Debates Make a Big Difference to Undecided Voters

Not everyone knows who they’re voting for – and the debates make up a lot of minds.
In recent years, it's become common for presidential candidates to hold debates before election day. This… Continue Reading

Is Donald Trump Immune to Coronavirus Now?

The president says he is immune to COVID-19 now that he has had it and recovered.
President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he was immune to COVID-19. Twitter attached a warning saying… Continue Reading

Voting in America: There Are Some Rules to This Right

If you plan to vote, make sure you know the rules.
The United States Constitution sets out the right of American citizens to vote for public officials.… Continue Reading

Who Was Christopher Columbus?

From pirates to miscalculations, Columbus never did have much luck on ships.
Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492. It was by accident, though. The explorer had… Continue Reading

Columbus Day: The History and the Conflict

Columbus Day celebrates an Italian explorer – but some think it should recognize the people who were here first.
Columbus Day is celebrated each year on the second Monday in October. It is in honor… Continue Reading

The Story of the Statue of Liberty

A gift from France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
As the Civil War neared its end around 1865, a French historian named Edouard de Laboulaye… Continue Reading

The Supreme Court

The highest court in the land.
The United States Supreme Court is the highest court in the country. It has the final… Continue Reading

Intro to U.S. Elections

The United States holds major elections every two years – but votes for a president every four years.
Every four years, America holds an election to choose a president. This is one of our… Continue Reading

President Trump Catches Coronavirus

The president and other world leaders catch COVID.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania have both caught COVID-19. The president is staying at… Continue Reading

Is There Life on Venus?

Scientists think there might be.
Scientists are hoping to return to the moon and land on Mars in the next few… Continue Reading

All About Presidential Debates

A look at the history and importance of debates.
When elections are coming up these days, its common for the presidential candidates to debate each… Continue Reading

The Three Branches of the US Government

The Constitution separated our government into three branches to keep any one from gaining too much power.
Our federal government is made up of three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. They are… Continue Reading

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Champion of Women’s Rights

Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her adult life fighting for equality.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at 87 years old from cancer of the pancreas.… Continue Reading

The Spill: A 639-Year Performance

Can you imagine a concert lasting 639 years!?
639-Year Project Do you like listening to music, going to concerts? How about being a part… Continue Reading

The 20th Amendment: Shortening the Lame Duck Period

Thanks to the 20th Amendment, power changes hands much faster than it once did.
The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution might not seem very important. It just changes the… Continue Reading

America Has Changed Since 9/11

Almost 20 years ago, Americans put aside their differences to get through a crisis. What changed?
On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers in New York were destroyed in a terrorist attack… Continue Reading

Will Mail-In Voting Cause Electoral Fraud in 2020?

With all the mail-in ballots, can we trust the 2020 election?
The Coronavirus has made a lot of people worried about going out, especially in crowded areas.… Continue Reading

The Story of Labor Day

The first Labor Day.
Labor Day is a day that honors workers. America normally celebrates with a three-day weekend and… Continue Reading

The History of Slavery

People have been taking other people as slaves since the first cities and nations were built.… Continue Reading

Comparing Speeches: Trump v Biden

Both candidates gave speeches accepting their nominations. How do they compare?
Now that both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention are over, we know… Continue Reading

Why Israel and Palestine Fight

Why isn’t there peace in the Middle East?
President Donald Trump recently announced a peace deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).… Continue Reading

The Vice Presidency and How It Has Changed

The vice presidency today is very different from the early days of the Republic.
“I am Vice President. In this I am nothing, but I may be everything.” – John… Continue Reading

Germany and the US: From War to Peace

Can the lessons of history help us deal with bullies?
History is full of war all over the world. Often, one war leads to another, but… Continue Reading

Should Schools Reopen?

Many schools across the nation are reopening now – but many aren’t.
When the Coronavirus pandemic began, schools closed to avoid spreading the illness. Some big cities, which… Continue Reading

Political National Conventions

What makes them so important?
Every four years, the Republican Party and Democratic Party hold their national conventions. This happens when… Continue Reading

Prohibition: When Alcohol Was Illegal

The government banned alcohol for 13 years, but it failed to end drunkenness.
Did you know alcohol was once illegal? The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution banned alcohol… Continue Reading

Lewis and Clark: Exploring the New Land

After the Louisiana Purchase, someone had to explore the new territory.
The United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, which doubled the size of… Continue Reading

From WW2 to Today: Dealing with Bullies

Only one man was brave enough to stand up to Hitler.
During the years leading up to the most terrible conflict in history, one man stood alone.… Continue Reading

The Spill: Gandhi’s Glasses

Weekly news you can use.
Gandhi’s Historic Glasses Find New Life Imagine a pair of eyeglasses being worth nearly $20,000! If… Continue Reading

Western Civilization Began in Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem

Western culture can be traced back to these three cities.
What does it mean to live in the West? It’s more a way of thinking than… Continue Reading

Susan B. Anthony Pardoned After a Century

“There shall never be another season of silence until women have the same rights men have on this green earth.” - Susan B. Anthony
August 18 marks 100 years since the 19th Amendment was passed, giving women the right to… Continue Reading

How Harry T. Burn Saved the 19th Amendment

Tennessee was the last state to ratify the 19th Amendment - but it was a close call.
Both men and women have the right to vote in the United States. But it wasn’t… Continue Reading

The 19th Amendment: Women Get the Right to Vote

Women couldn’t vote in the United States until the 19th Amendment.
“Everybody counts in applying democracy” – those were the words of Carrie Chapman Catt in 1917.… Continue Reading

V-J Day: 75 Years of Peace Came at a High Price

75 years ago today, Japan surrendered, ending World War II.
Today, August 15, marks 75 years since Japan surrendered, ending World War II. But the cost… Continue Reading

The Spill: SOS Rescue

Weekly news you can use.
SOS Saves Sailors Stranded on a Desert Island Being stranded on a deserted island may seem… Continue Reading

Kamala Harris – The Next VP?

Joe Biden wants Kamala Harris to be his vice president.
Joe Biden is hoping to run for president against Donald Trump, this November. But there’s another… Continue Reading

The Pluses and Minuses of ZOOM Learning

The awesome and awful about online classrooms.
You haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in months. And it’s not just summer –… Continue Reading

Who Will Joe Biden Pick for VP?

These ladies are the likely choices.
Joe Biden is running for president this year – he hopes to race against Donald Trump… Continue Reading

The Great Mask Debate

Should we all be wearing masks? Do the experts even know?
Then and Now When Coronavirus first hit America, there was a lot of misinformation and debate… Continue Reading

The Spill: Sniffing Out COVID

Weekly news you can use.
Coronavirus Sniffer Dogs in Training Man’s best friend can play fetch, protect your home, take you… Continue Reading

Will President Trump Ban TikTok?

Do you use TikTok? The president is thinking about banning it.
Do you use TikTok? President Trump said he is thinking about banning the video app. The… Continue Reading

Trump Administration and Protesters Fight in Portland

The president sent federal agents to protect federal property in Portland, and the protesters weren’t happy about it.
Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, protests have spread across the United… Continue Reading

Coronavirus Is Bringing Back Some Good Habits

The family dinner and game night are making a comeback.
Not long ago, someone asked: “What is one good thing that has happened as a result… Continue Reading

The Spill: 3D-Printed Chicken

Weekly news you can use.
KFC Introduces the Future of “Chicken”? From video games to rockets, the world of technology has… Continue Reading

Public or Private School?

Is one better than the other?
Who should run schools - the government, or other people? What is better - public schools… Continue Reading

Election Day Is Just 99 Days Away

Have the majority of Americans already decided who to vote for?
Election day is only 99 days away - on November 3, the American people will chose… Continue Reading

The Spill: Neowise

Weekly news you can use.
Looking for the NEOWISE Comet Look up in the sky, what do you see? If you’re… Continue Reading

Nevada: The 36th State

Nevada joined the Union during the Civil War, in 1864.
Nevada became the 36th state of the Union on October 31, 1864. Abraham Lincoln was trying… Continue Reading

The Uighurs – What's Happening?

What's going on in Xinjiang, China?
China has taken action against three U.S. members of Congress: Representative Chris Smith from New Jersey,… Continue Reading

Trump Campaign Changes Managers

Can the change improve Trump’s polling?
The next election is coming up in November. The two people running for president, Donald Trump… Continue Reading

Garden of Heroes: Trump Plans to Raise Statues to more American Heroes

While protesters tear down statues, Trump plans to raise more.
President Trump signed the Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes on July… Continue Reading

William McKinley: The 25th president

McKinley won the 1896 election.
William McKinley (1843-1901) was the 25th president of the United States and the third to be… Continue Reading

Men on Mars: Elon Musk Dreams of the Stars

Elon Musk wants a base on the moon and a city on Mars.
Imagine living on the South Pole. It would be freezing, and you couldn’t go outside. Not… Continue Reading

Louisiana Purchase: How the West Was Won

The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States and drove the westward push to the Pacific.
When Thomas Jefferson became the third U.S. president in 1801, the United States stretched from the… Continue Reading

Nebraska: The 37th State

Nebraska joined the Union in 1867.
Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, didn’t join the Union until two years after the Civil War. It became… Continue Reading

The Spill: Rare Super Mario

Weekly news you can use.
The Rare and the Bizarre on Sale Auctions are good places to find rare and strange… Continue Reading

Keeping the Government out of Religion

Without the separation of church and state, the government might be able to decide what you can believe.
Origins In the 1600s, thousands of English people who didn’t believe the same as the Church… Continue Reading

Benjamin Harrison: The 23rd President

Benjamin Harrison won the 1888 presidential election.
Benjamin Harrison (1833 – 1901) was the 23rd president of the United States. He was also… Continue Reading

Montana: The 41st State

Montana Joined the Union November 8, 1889.
Montana entered the Union as the 41st state on November 8, 1889. The first white explorers… Continue Reading

Grover Cleveland: The 22nd President

Cleveland was the first Democrat elected after the Civil War.
Stephen Grover Cleveland (1837 – 1908) was the 22nd president of the United States. During the… Continue Reading

Will We Ever See Police Reform?

Can members of Congress stop fighting long enough to fix the problem?
Americans have been calling for solutions after the death of George Floyd’s death in police custody.… Continue Reading

The Declaration of Independence ‘Rough Draught’ Revealed

The Library of Congress has shared scans of the microfilm of Thomas Jefferson’s original thoughts on independence.
When the leaders of the British colonies in America couldn’t stand being ruled by England anymore,… Continue Reading

The History of Independence Day

From the Declaration of Independence to today.
In April 1775,  colonial militiamen and British troops fought in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, starting the… Continue Reading

The Spill: Mississippi Flag

Weekly news you can use.
Changing the Mississippi Flag Slavery has always been a scar on American history. Before the Civil… Continue Reading

What Does the Right to Assemble Cover?

The First Amendment doesn’t protect violence.
The right to gather is one of the most important rights we have, and it’s protected… Continue Reading

North America’s New Trade Deal

The U.S., Mexico, and Canada agree to new rules for trade.
A new trade deal was made between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The rules in… Continue Reading

Missouri: The 24th State

Missouri joined the Union in 1821.
Missouri, the “Show Me State,” was named after the tribe Missouris. The first explorers showed up… Continue Reading

Chester A. Arthur: The 21st President

Chester A. Arthur became president after James Garfield was assassinated.
Chester A. Arthur (1829 – 1886) became the 21st president in 1881. History tells us he… Continue Reading

Protesters Take Down Statues

Can protesters destroy statues?
America has faced a lot of protests in the last few weeks. Protesters have started tearing down… Continue Reading

Trump and Biden: What Do They Want?

Two men want to be America’s next president – what do they stand for?
The 2020 election will take place in November. Two people will compete to become the next… Continue Reading

The Spill: Treasures Bold

Weekly news you can use.
Treasure Discovered in Rocky Mountains Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? One lucky person claimed a… Continue Reading

Mississippi: The 20th State

Mississippi joined the United States in 1817 – only to leave again in 1861.
Mississippi joined the Union in 1817, becoming the 20th state. It’s also called “The Magnolia State”… Continue Reading

How Many Earth-Like Planets Are There?

A new study shows there could be as many as six billion in our own galaxy!
Scientists think the Milky Way galaxy is about 100,000 lightyears across and 12 billion years old.… Continue Reading

The National Guard Explained

The Guard is used to protect citizens in many ways – and it has been around a lot longer than you might think.
The National Guard is a part of the U.S. military, mostly made up of reserve guardsmen… Continue Reading

Father’s Day: A Day to Honor Dad

It’s Father’s Day, but it hasn’t always been celebrated as it is today.
Today is Father’s Day: the one time a year set aside to honor Dad. It wasn’t… Continue Reading

The Spill: Flag Day

Weekly news you can use.
America Celebrates Flag Day On June 14, 2020, the United States flag turned 243 years old.… Continue Reading

Trump Makes Changes to Police

After protests, the president calls for better police training.
Recently, Americans have been questioning how the police do their work. Some people are worried about… Continue Reading

Police Powers Explained

The police have a lot of power, but they have to follow the rules.
Police officers have a lot of power, and a lot of freedom on how to use… Continue Reading

The Spill: Aten-Class Asteroid

Weekly news you can use.
Asteroid Passes Nearby Earth This weekend, an asteroid flew close by our planet. Luckily, it passed… Continue Reading