The Birth of Computers

From a small desk ornament to today’s computers, technology has come a long way.
Computers, in some shape or form, have been around probably longer than one might guess, although… Continue Reading

The Moon Landing: One Giant Leap for Mankind

1969 saw the first man on the moon after the Americans beat the Russians to the lunar surface.
The 1960s were an eventful time in American history. The country was in the middle of… Continue Reading

A Look at the Unique History of Cuba

How a tiny island south of the U.S. became a hotspot for global strife.
The history of Cuba has included many foreign actors. In 1492, Christopher Columbus became the first… Continue Reading

Benjamin Franklin was More Than a Founding Father

The inventor created a lot of popular items we still use today.
You may know Benjamin Franklin as the face on the one-hundred-dollar bill, or perhaps as one… Continue Reading

The Spill: Cuba Protests

Weekly news you can use.
Cuba Libre? No Tenemos Miedo Protesters in Cuba have taken to the streets against the government… Continue Reading

French and Indian War: The War With Four Names

Before the American Revolution, there was the French and Indian War.
The French and Indian War, as it was called in the Colonies, was also known as… Continue Reading

The Spill: Trump at the Border

Weekly news you can use.
President Donald Trump Visits the US-Mexico Border Former President Trump visited the Rio Grande sector in… Continue Reading