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Will President Trump Ban TikTok?

Do you use TikTok? The president is thinking about banning it.

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Do you use TikTok? President Trump said he is thinking about banning the video app.

The app is used to share short videos and is popular with young Americans. Why does Trump want to ban it?

He said it’s about keeping American information safe. Most social media sites – like Facebook and Twitter – are American owned, but TikTok is a Chinese company. Trump is worried that Americans’ information could end up with the Chinese government.

No U.S. president has ever banned the use of a mobile app. It’s not clear if President Trump can do it.

Some other countries have already banned TikTok, such as India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Australia is also thinking about it.

Some have said that Trump is in a bad mood with China since the Coronavirus came from that country, and it looks like they tried to keep it secret.

Donald Trump

TikTok is owned by a company called ByteDance. ByteDance says that Americans’ information is kept private and secure.

ByteDance is trying to avoid a ban by distancing itself from China. The company said it would move its headquarters from Beijing (the capital of China) to London. It might also sell part of TikTok to Microsoft.

Trump gave the two companies 45 days to make the sale – so maybe a ban isn’t on the way, after all.

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